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Martin Scorsese Masterclass in Cannes services and offers




Director: Tamar van den Dop.
Through the eye of his camera, Jonathan sees how grown up people deal with the death of his father and say their last goodbyes to him. Maybe he could postpone this farewell

VISCERAL: Between the Ropes of Madness

A loser boxer, after losing a big fight, he abandon his dream and falls in a destructive life of alcohol and depression. Slowly he falls in a world of madness and pain in which a diabolical being tortures him and gives him the power to kill torture and destroy. ...

"A Life of Death" in Tremendous Company at DOCartoon in Italy!

"A Life of Death" (2003/USA/8 mins) will play in DOCartoon in Pietrasanta, Italy from September 24-30, 2011. Other titles selected for this prestigious festival are Chris Landreth's Oscar-winning "Ryan", "Yellow Sticky Notes" by 2009 Clermont-Ferrand winner Jeff Chiba Stearns, and the multiple award-winner "Giallo Milano" by Sergio Basso. For more information on the festival, please download this program:

Droomkind (Dream Boy) trailer

user Fest21 conversion of the Droomkind trailer looks squashed, so here is a link to a better place to view it:

Droomkind (Dream Boy) theatrical trailer

This is the trailer of the 45 minutes fictional film Droomkind (Dream Boy). Dream Boy was made with the typical (international) film festival visitor in mind. The entire movie contains only two short lines of dialog. The soundtrack of this film (NOT the trailer's) is fully 5.1 surround with only custom recorded sound. The music is also specifically composed for it.

Oh the Baptism, Oh the Puppets

Director: Chady Rizk.
Peter is about to direct his first long feature film. Seeking for absolute authenticity in the performance of the actors, he chooses them according to their background and studies their psyche to fit his movie’s characters. Thus it becomes a very easy game to him to manipulate the actors considering that it is something very ordinary to him in his social life. During the process, he speaks to someone about this particular subject, justifies his behavior and talks about the multiple methods of brainwashing that are applied around the world. His assistant director, also his friend, Sally is kind of a shoulder to cry on about the rejection from the girl he loves; Elizabeth. His so-called-friend Mike is the one who hacks the systems and succeeds to pull out information about the actors for Peter to study their characters. However, Peter’s unstoppable addiction to manipulation has lead to an actual tragedy among the actors…


This film was designed as an experimental but reached new levels of narrative and understanding through the edit. The trailer is available to view. Hope you like it.   Garon ...


Director: Garon Campbell.
A simple hard working man named John becomes troubled and suicidal due to his wife’s adulteress affair with his best friend Paddy. Through his emotional turmoil he is pushed through parallel universes in search of the perfect version of Sarah. At first he is confused by what is happening but soon he tries to take control of his life. Unfortunately he cannot change destiny and every time he finds Sarah she is with his best friend Paddy. This drives John over the edge and hungry for revenge.

JarRing Movie

If a serial killer wrote poetry, how would it sound? If youaccidentally dialed a wrong number and got the following message, would youcall again?

The Love

Director: See Woo Kim.
A brother and a sister who were bereaved of their parents in early adolescence…Beside an older brother, Bada, a blind, deaf-mute sister, Hanul, has been living hopelessly…In the world of complete darkness, Bada has been the only light for Hanul…As for Hanul, her brother is the only small door through which she can communicate with the world…All of a sudden, Bada is driven to despair after he realized his sister’ imminent death…# and Hanul gradually falls in love with Bada…then eventually, they come to have physical relationship, contravening a social norm…"

Forget Me Not

Director: Abel Gonzalez.
Meg is still mourning the death of her husband when her lover asks her to move in with him. Is it too early to forget?

The Frost

Director: Ferran Audi.

Home and Back

Director: Joseph Varley.
What is it like to die? Five people who've died and come back all speak of a wonderful homecoming or greeting into the afterlife. Those with lost loved ones can know that they’re are all at peace now, happy, and more alive than ever. No matter what your faith may be, it will be strengthened as you hear five people testify about their greeting into the afterlife and what they’ve all been told as to the purpose of their life here on earth. In this documentary, hear Julie, Sue Ann, Scott, Beverly and Suzanne speak of a wonderful place that we're all headed and their experiences going HOME AND BACK.


Director: Frédéric Massot.
A couple of Italian tourists in Madrid are shooting a video with their camera. When they get back to their hotel, after a fashion party, they step into a man who's running away from a bag-snatcher. They decide to hide and film the incredibly cruel scene. They go on recording until the bag-snatcher leaves the poor man on the floor. After that, the bag-snatcher realizes the couples is there and brutally hits the woman. The guy keeps on recording. The girl gets pushed on the floor, so the guy leaves the camera and begins to fight with the bag-snatcher. The girl keeps on recording ...until the end.

Sci-Fi: Reflections

Within the Water Lies Death...and Life We are all made of water, it brings us life. It can also bring death. Every so often, someone dies in the ocean, rivers, lakes…and sometimes, they return. They appear to those who knew them, only for a short time, then disappear again. They do not speak, they observe. No one knows why they return, whether it is to feel, to see, to experience, to live again, or whether they just became a part of the greater living entity, the water itself. All we know is that these events have been occurring for a long time.