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Fantasporto returns as the official Media Partner of Fantasporto.  

OPORTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL FANTASPORTO 2023 Oporto Film Festival promotes films that seek new forms and methods of film making. 


Fantasporto and Porto Pictures Gallery and  the recent ones here  Video Gallery Fantasporto 2017 2018 2019 Watch ambiance and trailers. 2020 Ambiance and Trailers


opening the week at Fantasporto Monday and Tuesday

This Monday and Tuesday at Fantasporto 2022


The program of this 42nd edition is very appetizing. Of the approximately 70 unpublished films and, in competition, selected, 26 are in WORLD AND EUROPEAN PREVIEW, an unprecedented number at a film festival in Portugal. This is clear if we look at the films already shown this weekend and those that will be shown this Monday and Tuesday, of which 6 are in World Premiere. . I would also like to highlight Japan , a country that has gradually, especially in recent years, increased the quality of its participation in the festival and that in 2022 will present us with very recent works of great quality. This high number of World Premieres is yet another example of the impact and excellent international image of FANTASPORTO and the TRUST and RECOGNITION that the festival has as a worldwide launch pad for the latest production of cinematographies that are now gaining new vigor.

In the program of these two days we highlight ALL THE FILMS to be shown! This Monday starts at four in the afternoon with a European AE coming from the United States and a director we already know who returns to the festival, being also present. The movie is from the Fantastic Film Competition, it's called A lchemy of the Spirit and it's Steve Balderson.

Oliver, an artist rising in notoriety, faces his wife's death. Your spirit returns 5 times, inhabiting a dance between Life, Art and Death. Excellent work by the main actors, actress Sarah Clarke and actor-artist Xander Berkeley whose real work is presented in the film, showing the reality behind the act of creation. Director Steve Balderson visited Fantasporto in 1999 to present “Pep Squad”.

The rest of the day:

18.00 • Eviction - Maté Fazekas - 87' (Hun) - SR - drama - vo leg port.

Richard is an ambitious bailiff who is finally handed an eviction case, a house where an elderly lady lives who refuses to leave. What appeared to be a routine action becomes an important case in the city with the involvement of all forces and local authorities. First feature film by director Maté Fazekas, who will be in Porto to present his film.

21.00 • Saralish - Yaser Ahmadi, Behrooz Bagheri - 76' (Afghan/Iran) - SR - Drama - WORLD PREVIEW - vo leg. English e port, presented by Iranian director Yaser Ahmadi.

“Saralish one of the great Fantas films of this year means arranged marriage. In rural Iran today, two men arrange to exchange daughters. A girl, Anar, is exchanged for another, Tara, without any intervention from the mothers and becomes the wife of an old man. And when an Afghan woman who lived in Germany returns to the village to settle her own arranged marriage while still in her mother's womb, the lot of all the women in the land only gets worse. An alert for the human rights situation in these stops.

22.30 • 2049: The Hedgehog Effect - 162' (Taiwan) - WORLD PREVIEW - Science Fiction - vo leg. english and leg port

The high quality special effects make this near future believable and an example of what our life could be like with technology invading everything. In a possible future, a woman tries to kill herself on top of a skyscraper, surrounded by drones. One of the biggest surprises of the festival.


16:15 - The Laws of the Universe – The Age of Elohim - Isamu Imakakme, 119' (Jap) – Anime – vo leg. english – European preview

Far beyond industrialized Japanese animation, this film takes us to see a careful and beautiful animation but still in the manga spirit. Yaizael is sent to protect Earth. The proverbial struggle between Good and Evil in the era of defending our planet and its beauty.

18:15 – No Fantas Classics • Hollywood Stars - Mogambo by John Ford, 116' (USA) – 1953 – leg. port. Of Brazil

A story of love and jealousy set in Africa, Kenya. A white hunter, played by Clark Gable, has a love triangle with an American society woman, Ava Gardner, and an anthropologist's wife, Grace Kelly. Gable is again, and just like in “Gone with the Wind”, the tough man on the outside who devours himself with passion. Director John Ford was responsible for some of the best films in the history of cinema, such as “The Quiet Man” (1952), “The Searchers” (1956) or “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” (1962).

21:15 – Barbarians by Charles Dorfman, 90' (UK) – Horror – English Vo

Adam and Eva have recently lived in the countryside, on a luxury farm. On a birthday night, they receive a visit from their friends Lucas and Chloe. Until an unexpected and terrifying invasion takes place and alters the forces in question. First directed by an experienced producer, Charles Dorfman, twice nominated for the Oscars (“The King's Speech” and “The Lost Girl”, already in 2022), with excellent performances by Iwan Rheon (Ramsay Bolton, “Game of Thrones”) and Oscar nominee Catalina Sandino Moredo (“Maria Full of Grace”).

23:15- Duyster by Thomas Vanbrabant and Jordi Ostir, 80' (Belg) – Eventually Shocking Scenes – Fantastic Drama/Horror – vo leg. english

Two students do a work on an executioner of the 17th century Inquisition and look for traces of the cases in which he was involved to understand a society that allowed killing hundreds of women like witches with the greatest refinements of sadism. But what the students find is far more disturbing. With very shocking images, this film was the winner of the Jury Prize at the Festival of Horror and Fantástico de Salto. First feature film by the two directors.


15:00 • ONLY SHORT FILMS COMPETITION C. FANTASTIC - 153' - vo leg. ingl.In the presence of several directors of the films

Fledge - Hanni Dombe, Tom Kouris - 15'25'' (Israel)

Grandmother and Granddaughter. The magic is expressed through the leaves that grow on their arms. But rebellious youth do not always respect their heritage. Poetry and affection dominate despite everything.

Visitors - Kernichi Ugana - 16'21'' (Japan)

A strange place with even stranger people. After all, who are those people? All in the best style of the fantastic horror classic

Elena - Biruté Sodeikaité - 13' (Lit/Fra/Croá)

Elena flies and finds her match. Beauty in a ballet as only animated cinema can show.

Night Breakers - Gabriel Campoy, Guillem Lafoz - 17' (Esp)

A group of men and women try to preserve the light that keeps them alive and safe from the danger that is decimating them.

Zmiena - Pierre Renverseau - 13'46 (Fra)

One man, one room. Outside, Nature. Kafka according to the French Pierre Renverseau.

Part Forever - Alan Chung-An Ou - 12' 33'' (Taiwan)

A woman mourns her sister's death. And her husband can't get her out of the coffin. Until the unexpected happens.

Unheimlich - Fabio Colonna - 15' (Mex)

A woman wakes up to hearing noises. What house is that, what monsters inhabit it? Short Winner of the Paul Naschy Prize at the Sitges Festival 2021.

Grandpa - Valentine Rolland, Théo Bongiovanni, Hugo Martins, Sophie Ouvrard, Thomas Piot, Nell Molinier - 6' 46'' (Fra)

The granddaughter learns to deal with her grandfather's death by remembering what he used to do.

The Flight of Banog - Elvert Bañares - 9' (Filip)

The legends of the indigenous peoples of the Philippines, stories of love and resurrection.

Told You - Cashell Horgan- 9' (Irl)

A little boy is sent to bed. Fears begin but no one really cares. But luckily, someone is watching.

Tranvia - Carlos Baena - 8'50'' (Esp)

A woman gets into a very special tram. What awaits her is a trip to hell. Or is it just a dream?

While We Stayed at Home - Gil Versely - 5' (Israel)

A pedestrian crossing, in the middle of a pandemic. A man and a woman wait on different sides for the pedestrian crossing sign. The seduction begins.

Shiny New World -Jan van Gorkum- 8'43'' (The Nederlands)

All in a normal working day. But will it? A horror comedy that puts in very original cleanings.

18.00 • Broken Blooms - Luisito Lagdameo Ignacio - 107' (Filip) - SR - Drama - WORLD PREVIEW. - I'm sorry english.leg port

At the beginning of the pandemic, Cynthia and Jeremy are two young newlyweds. In your poor community, there are not only difficulties, there is also solidarity and warmth. Among all, life goes on between tears and laughter. A film by Luisito Lagdameo Ignacio, after the brutal “School Service”, presented at Fantasporto 2019 in the presence of the director, and which won the Best Actress award.

21.00 • Follow Her - Sylvia Caminer - 95' (USA) - CF - Terror - WORLD PREVIEW - ingl. leg port

A woman lives dependent on the videos she puts on the net and the amount of followers she gets. One day, she is invited to help finalize an argument, which forces her to move to a remote place. A deep reflection on the invasion of privacy and modern times. A disturbing and fresh look, but full of originality, on a very current problem. The first and surprising feature of fiction by an experienced American director.

23.00 • Confession - Yoon Jong-seok - 105' (South Cor.) - SR - Thriller - INTERNATIONAL PREMIÈRE - vo leg. english.leg port

A man married to a tycoon's daughter has a car accident when he returns with his mistress from a date. In this accident, a man dies. Trying to cover up what happened, he and his lover invent a story. And when a lawyer comes forward to defend him, things get seriously complicated. A film full of unexpected twists, showing the vitality of Korean cinema.

And still IN THE SMALL AUDITORIUM... the world premiere of the portuguese amelinda

16:15 the Portuguese feature Amelinda by Miguel Gomes, 114' (Port) – PCP – BEST FILM – vo port. – World premiere

A couple arrives at a remote house to spend a few days on vacation in the middle of the countryside, the first night is very busy. What are those noises, what ghost moves the chairs, what people are they going to have there? And what secrets from the past explain everything? A surprising first feature film by Miguel Gomes, shot in Barcelos and a film that only a cinephile could make.

18:15, at Fantas Classics • Hollywood Stars , Guess who's Coming to Dinner

By Stanley Kramer, 108' (USA) – 1967 – vo leg. port.

A middle-aged couple has to revise their attitude when their daughter introduces them to her black fiancé. This film was a positive blow at a time when interracial relationships were still very problematic and largely absent from studio cinema. It has three fabulous actors, already awarded with Oscars at the time. Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn meet Sidney Poitier, already an Oscar winner for “Lilly of the Valley” (1964) and the first black actor to be nominated, in 1959.

21:15 at Director's Week Eviction by Maté Fazekas, 87' (Hun) – Drama – vo leg. English, in the presence of the director

Richard is an ambitious bailiff who is finally handed an eviction case, a house where an elderly lady lives who refuses to leave. What seemed like a routine action becomes an important case in the city. First feature film by director Maté Fazekas.

23:15 The fantastic The Unburied / El Cadaver Insepulto by Alejandro Cohen Arazi, 84' (Arg) – Eventually Shocking Scenes – Horror – vo leg. english.leg port.

Maximiliano returns to the land where he lived for his father's funeral and paperwork. There, the brothers and the body of the father, who is still where he died, await him. But you have to respect their wishes. And everyone on earth seems to care little about everything. The past returns in an atmosphere of horror and triviality. First feature film by this Argentinian director.



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