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Sidewalk Film Festival 2010 Short Film Line-up of 100

Sidewalk Film Festival is proud to announce the 2010 Short Film Line-up. Sidewalk Film Festival will take place September 24th, 25th and 26th in downtown Birmingham. Tickets are on-sale now at

Local Alabama Short Block #1 (Saturday, Sept. 25th – 10:20am – Carver Theatre)
Dramatic Narrative Shorts
The Thing About Being An Assassin
An intimate look at a super-sly assassin working in the realm of the ultra-business class.
Jason and Christine were a couple in love. But things begin to turn one sided when communication breaks down.
Beyond Black Mesa
Inspired by the Half-Life Video Game series, this is an Action packed short film centering around Adrian Shepard and a band of resistance fighters struggling to get out a warning about the impending invasion.
An infertile breast pump salesperson deals with having to choose a sperm donor.
Girl In The Box
A creepy box, an evil man and a girl in a scary situation
Lucy in Lala
Lucy will do whatever she can to relieve herself of a crappy life.
The Lost Interviews
A series of job interviews highlighting the poor state of the corporate job market
At the end of a relationship, Brian (Clifton Lewis) is forced to rethink past memories of himself and his significant other, Claire (Jennifer Leonard), rediscovering why he loved her in the first place. After contemplating the small things, Brian goes to desperate measures to recover his relationship with Claire...
A Face In The Woods
A haunting yet spiritual look at two folks strolling through the woods

Local Alabama Short Block #2 (Saturday, Sept. 25th – 1:15pm – Harambe Room)
Comedic Narrative Shorts
A balls to the wall action film about Fast, the fastest person alive, who is also named Fast. Starring Charlyne Yi & Steve Clemmons.
What would you do if you found out the sweet older couple next door secretly wanted you dead?
Monster Hunt with James and Kevin
The title pretty much says it all. James and Kevin hunt monsters. When they're asked to evict a vampire from a vacant house, things don't go exactly as planned.
On new years eve, Jordan must save her companies clients from Y2K as well as her crooked boss.
Elden Presley:ETA at Large
On August 16th 1977 Elvis Presley died. That same year the most famous Elvis impersonator, Elden Presley vanished. 30 Years later a documentary crew set out to track him down.
The Firing Squad
The economic recession has hit everybody, but one particular employee is about to get hit harder than everybody else. His job is... unique, but that isn't saving him from the axe.

The Persistence of Vision
An actor struggles through a series of auditions and considers advice from his eccentric agent.
A Teenage girl gets more then she bargains for when she wants her high school sweetheart to meet her family.
Streets of Southside
Late 70's- Early 80's style television cop show. Fresh off their accidental interference with a Federal Investigation, season ending Episode 14 begins with Detective’s Stillwater & Oxford hitting the streets in search of missing Officer Lattimore LaRue.

Local Alabama Short Block #3 (Sunday, Sept. 26th – 1:15pm – Harambe Room)
Documentary Shorts
For 53 years, Birmingham, Alabama was home to one of the strangest oddities in the world: A 56 foot high, cast iron statue of a Roman god holding a light that would turn red in the event of a traffic death. 'Torch' tells the story of this unique landmark, and the impact it had on the people of Birmingham.
Fixing The Road
For a group of folks who have formed a small community in rural, northern Alabama, fixing the road requires a little more than just a call down to a municipal office, but it gives a little more, too.
A Day Is 24 Hours – The Innisfree St. Patrick’s Day Experience
This film follows a 24 hour celebration of St. Patrick’s day at Innisfree in Birmingham, AL.
Feeding The Soul at Jones Valley Urban Farm
The story of a small farm in the middle of a city where big things are happening.
A Certain Kind
Wilcox County, Alabama has one physician for every 4,667 people. For decades they have struggled to recruit doctors to the poverty stricken region. Three doctors provide a glimpse of the challenges they face while caring for the entire community.
We’ve Got Issues
A brief look into the world of comic book fandom.

National and Local Shorts (Sunday, Sept. 26th – 3:50pm – Alabama Theatre Studio)
Narrative Shorts
Family Jewels *Alabama Filmmaker editor of film
Family Jewels is about the last twenty four hours a family spends together before the mother is shipped off to war.
No Mixin *Alabama Film & Filmmaker
The film takes a brief look into a subculture with a prejudice mentality passed down from one generation to another.
Public Relations
Bad bosses, wild nights, and the semi-true story of two girls in love.
The Position
Young ingenue Hope Turnell arrives dressed-to-kill for a job interview in a high-powered Manhattan firm. Dazzled by the wealth, privilege and power around her, she soon finds the interview drifting into unexpectedly intimate territory and must decide how much of herself she is willing to surrender for the role she has long desired.
Delivery Date
Chad goes out on a blind date and finds that he is due for a surprise.
Beauty of the Beast - 2010 Sidewalk Student Scramble Winner
After a boy meets a groundhog on-line, he decides to meet her in person.

National Shorts Block #1 (Saturday, Sept. 25th – 4:50pm – Alabama Theatre Studio)
Comedic Narrative Shorts
Conlang, short for constructed language, is a universal story set in the unique world of conlanging. A comedy about secret crushes, extreme linguistics and the language of love, it tells the story of Carl, 26, an unemployed conlang enthusiast.
Give It Up
A short film about telling jokes. Two guys are sitting at a bar, talking about an open mic comedy night. One guy is a comedian, the other would like to give it a try. When they get up on stage their routines are both unexpected.
V Day
Valentines Day sucks, for some people.
Payday Loan
From the folks who brought you Phone Sex Grandma and The Outhouse comes Payday Loan.
The Call To The Poet
David, an aging musician, returns to a horseracing track to reclaim his job and his identity.

God of Love
A lovestruck, lounge-singing darts champion finds his prayers are answered -- literally -- when he mysteriously receives a box of love-inducing darts.
The Terms
A father and son forge a twisted pact: one shot will decide between freedom and death.
Midlife is a dark dramatic comedy about Sam Schmidt trudging through yet another day of his midlife crisis. While heading to his in-law's self absorbed birthday party, he is kidnapped by a psycho CEO whose paperclip company has finally gotten the best of him. Sam must choose to finally take charge of life or lose his own.

National Shorts Block #2(Saturday, Sept. 25th – 9:20pm)
Dramatic Narrative Shorts
Jane In The Factory
Sixteen-year-old Jane works all day in a factory in hopes of saving up enough money to start a new life on her own. The only thing stopping her is everyday life.
The Opening
A life can change in an instant. Imagine what 12 hours can do.
Down In The Number 5
Rooted in the Southern Gothic storytelling tradition, 'Down in Number 5' follows a terminally ill coal miner as he struggles to find refuge for his developmentally disabled son. Based on a true story.
Frog In The Well
Following his mother's wishes, Jo, a reclusive young tailor from Tokyo embarks on a solitary journey across Japan.
A loving mother must protect her family from harm when a stranger terrorizes her home only to discover the true villain of this story may be her husband.
Bikini Lighters
After shoplifting lighters, three young friends venture into the woods behind their neighborhood to create an explosion.

National Shorts Block #3 (Sunday, Sept. 26th – 11:00am – Alabama Theatre)
Narrative & Animated Shorts
The Cow Who Wanted To Be A Hamburger
A tragic story of a bovine seduced by advertising led down the path of butchers and carnivores.
Eileen’s Wild Ride
A perky teenage alien learns that text messaging and driving a space car do not mix.
The Fast and The Trouserless
A film about two British dudes who 'don't really care for trousers.' They meet some people who disagree.
The Bellows March and The Making of The Bellows March
Crowds of concertinas live out a cycle of destroy-create-destroy. The film is a contemplation of the destructive and expressive potential of humans, and observes these extremes as an eternal cycle.
An animated mock documentary about the ecological plight of penguins in the Antarctic, possibly foretelling cataclysmic results for the rest of the world.
Hector Corp
A thriller about a company, Hector Corporation, that must take extreme measures to manage their employees with unexpected executioners.
The love we find on a warm summer evening is sometimes the most fleeting love of all.
Sunday Punch
After one too many bad nights, a ring girl decides it's high time to get out from under the thumb of a local gangster, and burn every bridge she can on the way out.
The Girl Who Only Had One Ear
All children have two eyes, a nose, a mouth, two ears and ten fingers or not'? Allegra is going to discover that there are all kinds of children.
Voice On The Line
The era of nuclear anxiety, red scare paranoia and covert CIA plots forever changed how we engaged with the telephone.
Picture Day
High school is tough. Freshman Miles Dufort will risk everything to take a perfect school picture and give himself a chance to survive the next four years.
Damn It Andy
A new mother overcomes difficulty breastfeeding after believing herself to be telekinetic.

National Shorts Block #4 (Sunday, Sept. 26th – 6:00pm – Alabama Theatre Studio)
Documentary Shorts
Just About Famous
As the old adage goes, 'imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.' Take a trip into the intriguing, enlightening, and often times surreal life of the celebrity impersonator...
Seltzer Works
In the early 1900s, thousands of seltzer deliverymen criss-crossed the nation, schlepping heavy glass bottles full of fizzy water to millions of thirsty customers. Today, with only a handful of delivery men left in the country, the siphon machines at Gomberg Seltzer Works don't turn like they used to.
My Siren Is Nuclear
My Siren is Nuclear and we set out to record it.
Solitary/Release is an intimate documentary-fiction hybrid exploring the life of a recovering drug addict on the verge of great change.
Legend Of Toilet Seat Charlie
Meet Charlie Deal, a rock'n'roll dreamer, unofficial town mayor, and the inventor of the semi-famous toilet seat guitar.
The Only Band In Town
The Only Band In Town is a straightforward portrait of four casual bluegrass musicians in rural upstate New York. North Creek, NY has a population of 1,837 and only one band.
Ron Geffen: Music Producer
Learn about a youth entrepreneur who is producing music in a professional studio that he built in his backyard.

Life and Liberty Shorts (Saturday, Sept. 25th – 1:15pm – BCRI)
Growning Up In Prison: Juveniles Serving Life Without Parole *Alabama Film & Filmmaker
Documentary Short
In the United States, over 2,500 juveniles are serving Life Without Parole. This short, student documentary explores a variety of perspectives on what should be done to these young people who have committed violent crimes.
The Story of Beth and Mercy *Alabama Film &Filmmaker
Documentary Short
The Story of Beth and Mercy' explores the power of friendship for two young Kenyan girls who live in a home for children orphaned or displaced by AIDS.
Narrative Short
Set in Brooklyn, a slice of life story of a 10 year old religious Muslim boy who one day finds himself wanting to play softball with the other kids.
Zero Currency
Narrative Short
A middle-aged former social worker, Daniel describes how he gave up money completely 9 years ago.
Narrative Short
Two young filmmakers debate about how to deal with racist graffiti, then act out their suggestions with enough dry wit and deadpan style to evoke the ghosts of Buster Keaton and Samuel Beckett.
Override *Alabama Film & Filmmaker
Documentary Short
Override analyzes the controversial topic of judicial override through interviews with judges and attorneys on both sides of the issue.
Good Neighbors *Alabama Film &Filmamker
Documentary Short
A short documentary that shows the parallels between two neighboring communities in Tuscaloosa, Alabama; one that is perceived as affluent and one that is perceived as dangerous.
Son of None
Narrative Short
Joshua is a seven year old Liberian war orphan who is constantly disheveled, falling behind and failing at school. When the orphanage's goat goes missing, Joshua shirks his responsibilities to comfort the one thing even more vulnerable than he.

Shorts Screening with Features
In Brilliant – Alabama Film (Screens with Ready, Set, Bag! - Sunday, Sept. 26th – 4:15pm – Alabama Theatre)
In Brilliant, Alabama, two high school seniors question their future. Is the home they know enough, or will they leave to find their own home?
Gayby (Screens with Daddy Longlegs – Sunday, Sept. 26th – 4:00pm – Carver Theatre)
A gay man and a straight woman decide to have a child together the old fashioned way.

Perry County – Alabama Film (Screens with On Coal River – Sunday, Sept. 26th – 1:40pm – BCRI)
Perry County is a true story of legacy, waste and environmental injustice in a small, rural Alabama community where another state's toxic trash has become one politician's treasure.
Stranger (Screens with Cherry – Sunday, Sept. 26th – 5:45pm – Alabama Power)
While working the late shift at an all night diner, Bonnie's world is disrupted by the arrival of a mysterious stranger.
Hipster Job (Screens with Gabi On The Roof In July – Saturday, Sept. 25th – 12:20pm – Alabama Theatre Studio)
Set in modern day Brooklyn, Hipster Job (pronounced Jobe) is a short biblical epic based on the Book of Job. It features hipsters, finger mustaches and the wrath of God.
The World Of Film Festivals (Screens with Dogtooth – Saturday, Sept. 25th – 9:20pm – Alabama Theatre)
This film is a summary of the variety of locales and activities which one may encounter in the realm of film festivals.
Delmer Builds A Machine (Screens with Until The Light Takes Us – Saturday, Sept. 25th – 5:40pm – Harambe Room)
An account of the most important thing that has ever happened.
Tides of Hearts/Swingers (Screens with Americatown – Saturday, Sept. 25th – 1:20pm – Alabama Power)
A two part saga between two men with the same name. In 'Tides of the Heart' our heroes converse at the harbor. In 'Swingers' they're somewhere else!
Little Buh (Screens with Americatown – Saturday, Sept. 25th – 1:20pm – Alabama Power)
A friendly game of Jenga is interrupted by a stranger in the night.
Freedom Junkies (Screens with Wah Do Dem – Saturday, Sept. 25th – 7:15pm – Alabama Theatre Studio)
Soon to be a comprehensive feature, Freedom Junkies follows two young, idealistic drifters and their brief stop in Birmingham.
Your Boyfriend’s Funeral (Screens with Audrey the Trainwreck – Saturday, Sept. 25th – 8:10pm – Alabama Power)
Frank is such a butthole. Ashley waited the whole night for him, and now, the following morning, she's pissed to say the least. But today she's in for a surprising, repulsive, heart breaking little adventure.
Ken (Screens with Audrey the Trainwreck – Saturday, Sept. 25th – 8:10pm – Alabama Power)
When two 30-something women go on an internet double blind date, one finds an unlikely match: an armless, legless mannequin.
Tub(Screens with Evil Things – Sunday – Sept. 26th – 6:45pm – Carver Theatre)
It's just your typical short film about a guy who can't commit to his girlfriend...Who then jerks off in the shower. And accidentally impregnates his tub.

Music Video Block (Saturday, Sept. 25th – 8:00pm – Harambe Room)
MSP/MB & The Arrangement – Anti-Body *Sidewalk Scrambled Jam Winner
Blessed Be Honey Bee
Cast Your Burdens
Upwired Productions & Andy’s Tea Party – Empty Nest *Sidewalk Scrambled Jam Winner
Sledjester & Frames Per Second – Theme for an Imaginary Revenge *Sidewalk Scrambled Jam Winner
American Wizards & Hustling Backwards – Glue, Glitter, Glove *Sidewalk Scrambled Jam Winner
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