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Zero Film Festival

Zero Film Festival - Focusing on a niche in the independent film community which has been traditionally ignored, Zero Film Festival is dedicated to screening self financed, zero budget films from the United States and around the world.

In the age where the majority of festivals are Hollywood marketing campaigns, and even "indie" and "underground" festivals screen financed films, we are here to offer something different. We recognize authentically independent films and filmmakers who take risks and fight the odds to see their visions through.

The Zero Film Festival is the first festival exclusive to self-financed filmmakers, providing a platform to screen their bold and innovative films in Los Angeles and New York City.

In 2009 ZFF added it's 1st annual West Coast Tour - screening in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Hollywood and Orange County.

Zero Film Festival has established itself as a festival representing authenticity, integrity and innovation. In 2008, we screened well over a 100 films from filmmakers all over the world. Over 70 filmmakers were in attendance from as far away as Singapore, U.K. and Bangkok.


Zero Film Festival FAQ

I'm a zero budget filmmaker who went out and shot a film that was completely original, and I broke all the rules along the way. I've been submitting to all the big festivals and two months later get a Dear John. Should I risk another 40 green ones on your festival?

Answer: Dear Filmmaker, Zero Film Festival was designed for YOU.

If this is a zero budget film festival, then you know we're broke, why are you charging us submission fees!??

Answer: It's our goal to make sure every selected filmmaker is able to attend our festival, and charging submissions helps us make this a reality by weeding out uncommitted filmmakers and allowing more time for our panel to select quality films. All films submitted are screened multiple times by different judges. JUDGES! Not interns who speed through the first ten minutes and dump it in the recycling because there aren't any C-List stars!

But, I'm short on cash, and fast drownin' in the credit card debt, can't you give me a break?!

Answer: Absolutely. Each selected filmmaker becomes part of the Zero Film Fest family- and never again will be charged a submission fee. We will cultivate our relationships with emerging talent until the day they move on to big budget more Hollywood oriented festivals.

What do you consider "Zero Budget"?

Answer: The primary reason why we ask submitting filmmakers to write a cover letter is because part of the selection is determined by YOUR DEDICATION TO YOUR FILM... We know the filmmaker who put everything into their film will attend the festival and work hard to help promote their film, bringing a lot of people along to watch the screening and celebrate life at the After Parties...

Yo! Check out my movies on YOUTUBE! Let me know what you think!

Answer: No! Submit to our festival and we'll preview your film!

Once submitted, we are not opposed to screening youtube films. If the submitted film is on youtube, it better be amazing because it will be more difficult to get people to show up to rad warehouses and community film centers-- Even if there will be AMAZING after parties with AMAZING bands playing!

Why do you require a cover letter? How long should it be? What should it say? I'm a filmmaker not a paper writer for -----'s sake!

Answer: Tell us how much you care about your film, how much you spent, did you sell your kidney, were you arrested by the Homeland Security, did you get stitches running from security guards after getting that mind-blowing guerilla shot? It could be one sentence, could be a page, tell us why we should care about your film, we don't know... we are programmers, not professional readers for -----'s sake!

But, I'm really broke, and my film's got the best dialogue since Linklater/Taratino/Ozu.. can't you waive the fee?

Answer: We want to, we really do, but our policy is 100% no fee waivers. If your film is that good, enter it and we'll screen it, then you'll never ever have to pay another one of those pesky entry fees again.


Answer: We're sorry. No. This is the Zero Film Festival, everyone submitting is broke, it just wouldn't be fair.

I sold the houseboat my uncle gave me for Christmas and used the 1.4 million to pay for my first ultra low budget short film staring some staid actor. Should I submit?

Answer: Yes, but we won't screen your film.

My six friends and I each put (one, ten, thirty) grand a piece on our credit cards and shot a feature documentary about camels, is that zero budget? I took my still camera, switched it to video, and made a documentary about camels, should I submit?

Answer: Absolutely! Camel double feature, what a coincidence! This makes programming so easy...

Hey! On your website the international features are like way discounted, what's the deal, are you a traitor?!

Answer: We are the Zero Budget International Film Festival according to our articles of incorporation. We are committed to screening films and hosting filmmakers from the GLOBAL film community.

But Zero Film Festival, can't you please waive my fee or check out my youtube video?

Answer: We don't have time to figure out how to waive fees or click on youtube, we're too busy previewing properly submitted films from around the world and hooking up rad booze sponsors...

What's the deal with this slots reserved for other cities nonsense? I'm from L.A., how come there's not an L.A. spot reserved? I'm from Rhode Island, where's the Providence slot?

Answer: Relax. We have plenty of slots to be filled. If your film is original, ground-breaking, hilarious, we'll probably screen it. The reserved slots are a way for us to broaden the community of zero budget filmmakers. There is room for everyone with an amazing film.

What about other cities from around the world?

Answer: We will program a good amount of international films. In addition to rad after parties with amazing booze sponsors, we plan to screen the best low/no/zero budget films in the world. So, if yours is in that category, SUBMIT! Right now!

Withoutabox? What is that? Seems like inside the box to me!

Answer: Within the next two weeks we'll update our website on information for direct submissions to Zero Film festival, but unfortunately it won't be up and running before the Earlybird Deadline.

This is a great festival concept! Can I help?!

Answer: Yes, we are currently looking for marketing interns in several key cities throughout America and the rest of the world to help get the word out to filmmakers with zero budget films. Don't hesitate to get in contact with us! Check out the partners page on our website,

My cinematic work of no budget to speak of is powerful, but it's marginal and doesn't have an easy marketing hook. If I submit, and you screen my film because it's so original and amazing, what will I get out of it besides recognition for my years of hard work and dedication, the best parties in Los Angeles and free booze?

Answer: We're working on recruiting some relevant representatives to attend the event/ bribing some critics to show up for the free booze from our booze sponsors. The best way for this to happen is for high quality films to be submitted by you.

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Zero Film Festival is the first festival EXCLUSIVE to self-financed filmmakers.  Zero Film Festival is held every December in Los Angeles and New York City. 

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