So, Britain’s biggest FF; ‘The Times BFI London Film Festival’ announced its programme yesterday. The Guardian were not overly-impressed as they criticised it for, essentially, just being a hybrid of Sundance, Cannes, Tribeca, Venice & Toronto’s key films. Although this is true from the looks of their big films, I can guarantee you that there will be a few hidden gems somewhere within their schedule – you just have to find them. Its a bit like a treasure hunt I guess! (Although it would be nice if I found a real pot of gold (i.e. a Tesco bag full of money) in screen 1 of Odeon Leicester Square).  

Although its not my all-time favourite film festival, as I find the atmosphere isn’t quite right, I’ve been several times and have always discovered a gem before any of the other critics do (Franklyn for example). So, if you’re planning on going then avoid the big premieres that sell out within minutes and investigate the smaller films as they are what will ‘make’ the festival for you. I hope I recieve my programme through the post this week as I love to study it, although considering that a package which was due to be delivered to me in Aberystwyth has been delivered to someone miles away (in Bangor) so fingers crossed… :)