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Indie Fest


The IndieFEST Film Awards are unique in the industry.  Attracting both powerhouse industry veterans as well as talented new filmmakers it is an exceptional, truly international awards competition, not a traditional film festival – which allows filmmakers from around the world to enter their films in this prestigious competition.  The IndieFEST is about helping industry professionals who create fresh, standout entertainment achieve the publicity and credibility they deserve.  Serving filmmakers is the IndieFEST’s primary goal.

Established in 2008, The IndieFEST Film Awards is an avant-garde worldwide competition that strives to give talented directors, producers, actors, creative teams and new media creators the positive exposure they deserve. It discovers and honors the achievements of filmmakers who produce high quality films and new media. The IndieFEST promotes award winners through the website and social media.

Our talented IndieFEST award winners have gone on to win Oscars, Emmys & Tellys.

Go to for rules and entry form.


The IndieFEST Film Awards Announces Latest Winners! January 2023





Rick Prickett, Competition Director


La Jolla, CA, February 2023 - The IndieFEST is proud to announce the latest winners. Congratulations to all the filmmakers who participated in the current season!The awards go to those filmmakers who produce fresh, standout entertainment and compelling documentaries. The IndieFEST is a top-tier international awards competition. It honors professionals, established and emerging, who demonstrate exceptional achievement in craft and creativity. The goal of The IndieFEST is to help the winners of this coveted award achieve the recognition they deserve. Additionally, each year IndieFEST also bestows a special award to productions that make significant contributions to social change or a humanitarian effort. Please visit to learn more about the IndieFEST Humanitarian Award.

February 2023


~~ Best of Show ~~

1660 Vine –  Jackson Prince / Patricia McGregor

Jackson Prince / Patricia McGregor (USA)1660 Vine, Film Feature – McGregor’s deft direction of Prince’s vibrant script comes together in this high-energy musical following a group of influencers in a famed Hollywood apartment building pursuing their dreams of social media stardom. Voiced by an original script and score written by a diverse group of 20-something songwriters, the various characters confront questions of fame, influence and mental health. Most importantly, they navigate their own search for identity, discovering the difference between what is authentic and what is not. Colorful production, tight editing, lively graphics and engaging songs from comedic to gritty with poignant lyrics – drive this entertaining musical with a bigger message. Written by the talented Jackson Prince. Delivered by a talented young cast: Cheryl PorterChris OlsenPia ToscanoMalachi Durant, CJ Cruz, Ty DeranFernanda RomeroBrianna Rose GentilellaJaiden KleinMaya LagerstamSam HaftLisa LoebJessica Ruth BellKausha CampbellNorodom Khemuni.  Choreography from Emmy-winner Paula Abdul. Music Supervisors Emmy-nominee David Lawrence and Faye Greenberg. Producers: Emmy-nominee Jonathan PrinceMichael JackowitzKevin Surace. Executive Producers: BAFTA-nominee Peter Samuelson, Stacia Fernandez, Tom Polum. Cinematography / editing Tyler Milliron. WitzEnd Productions, Philmco Media, Streaming Musicals.



~~ Awards of Excellence Special Mention ~~

Jody Xiong (China)The Bloom, Disability Issues – Visionary creative director Xiong designed a brilliant film where high tech meets human mind for power and purpose. Bringing together 12 disabled people they created art by detonating paint-filled balloons using the power of their minds! Extraordinary concept and a beautifully produced short film in every way. Technically perfect, moving and impactful.


Vladimir Yankovskiy (Russia)The Chase/Слежка, Film Feature – An action-packed film about friends with a secret club – spying on random people and posting compromising info for a ransom. When a woman with a troubled past joins them their world turns both harrowing and ultimately deadly. Stars: Kristina KorbutTimur SakunNikita AlferovAnatoliy Golub and Dmitry Pustilnik.


Arlo Iron Cloud (USA)Remember the Children, Native Peoples – Telling the story of the 400 government Indian Boarding schools, their goal to erase native culture and the often-horrific abuses of indigenous children there – including thousands of deaths. Tracing the efforts of the elders and communities who are keeping their stories alive through creating memorials. A touching tribute to the families impacted by these tragedies.


Karoly Palfai (Hungary)Bound Legs, Film Short – 12-year old Andy realizes he is completely helpless against his mother’s suffocating and restive love. Her constant control means he lives his life in exclusion and solitude – being ridiculed by his peers. By the time he is 21 he rebels against his mother and the world. Authentic performances by Melinda PitzDavid StromajerDominik Biro.


Ivo Trajkov (Slovakia)The Ballad of Piargy, Film Feature – A love story about unclear guilt, love and cruel punishment told through the lens of a beautiful new bride, an old friend who wants to destroy her and a father-in-law’s violent seduction. Old parables and cautionary tale for modern times and subordination of women. Convincing performances by a talented cast. Stars: Judit BárdosAttila MokosJana KvantikováDaniel Fischer.


Richard Yelland (USA)Birth of The Endless Summer: Discovery, Doc Feature – Emmy- nominated Yelland delivers the engaging story behind one of the most documentaries of all time. Follows surf pioneer 94-year young Dick Metz as he recounts his world travels, his meetings with South African John Whitmore and filmmaker Bruce Brown – whose film helped to shape the new surf culture.


Max Karpylev (USA)The Muse, Experimental – An engrossing short about complicated relations between a father and son, a sense of fear as an enemy of creativity and the battle between happy illusionary worlds and harsh realities. Poignant and moving. A talented cast delivers strong performances. Stars: Vladimir KurtsebaEkaterina MakarovaSergey NovikovVadim Tikhonenko.


Mohsen Seraji (Iran)For the Sake of Ava, Children and Family Program – An Iranian girls theater group is set to perform abroad. Ava’s father is not Iranian so she is denied a passport. The girls take matters into their own hands attempting to bribe and kidnap officials. A seemingly comedic film but with deep messages about both restrictive cultural institutions and the bonds of friendship. Mehdi ZaminpardazFaranak Foroutan.


Stewart M. Schulman (USA)Left Alone Rhapsody – The Musical Memoir of Pianist John Bayless, Doc Feature – The story of jaw droppingly talented pianist John Bayless chronicles his rise from musical prodigy to international star and his post-stroke courageous struggle to transcend paralysis and re-invent himself as a one-handed musician. With Emmy-nominee Michael Feinstein.


~~ Awards of Excellence ~~

Arantxa Vela (Spain)Wielding the Soul, Documentary Feature, Direction

Arlo Iron Cloud, WSD Productions (USA)Remember the Children, Educational / Instructional / Training
Bryan Reinhart (USA)Forever Wild (formerly The Valley), Documentary Feature
Egor Konchalovsky (Russia)МОЙ ПАПА – ВОЖДЬ / My father is a Chief, Children / Family Programming
Ekaterina Tzvetkova (Russia)Beyond the Line of Light, Documentary Feature
Ellie Torez (United Kingdom)Milo, Actress: Leading (Jennifer Preston as Emma), Script / Writer (Jennifer Preston)
Fan Xun Lilac (Singapore)The Nocturne, Women Filmmakers, Asian
Gábor Attila Kovács (Hungary)Daddy of Ferike Herner, Film Feature
Gustavo García Sierra (Spain)Drawing Your Recurve, Music Video (It Was A Good Dream)
Ivo Trajkov (Slovakia)THE BALLAD OF PIARGY, Cinematography
Jackson Prince (USA)1660 Vine, Original Song (Already Gone composed by Emma Ashford), Original Song (Lucky composed by Emma Ashford), Actress: Leading (Maya Lagerstam as Luna), Ensemble Cast, Special Effects: Non-Animation
Janek Ambros (Poland)Ukrainians in Exile, Documentary Short
Jennifer Takaki (USA)Photographic Justice: The Corky Lee Story, Documentary Feature
Jonathan Verleysen (France)The Revolution, Music Video
Karoly Palfai (Hungary)BOUND LEGS, Script / Writer (Karoly Palfai)
Kyle Saylors (USA)A Perfect Love, Documentary Short
Lydia Anne Stander (South Africa)Sexed, Women Filmmakers (Student), Concept (Student)
Maddox Chuen Won Chen (USA)Grandpa Cherry Blossom, Asian (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Marika Griehsel (Sweden)A Tree has Fallen – Remembering Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Matthew Taylor (USA)Gotham: The Fall and Rise of New York, Documentary Feature, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Reality Programming
Max Karpylev (USA)The Muse, Direction
Michael D Kretzmer (United Kingdom)J’Accuse! A cry from the killing pits of Lithuania, Documentary Feature, Jewish
Nasser Aldhaheri (United Arab Emirates)Millstone, Direction, Documentary Feature
Payam Eskandari (Iran)Nargesi, Disability Issues
Robert Patriarca (USA)Life’s Better Protected, Actor: Leading (Joseph D’Onofrio as The Producer), Animation
Ron James (USA)Accidental Truth – UFO Revelations, Documentary Feature
Stewart M. Schulman (USA)Left Alone Rhapsody – The Musical Memoir of Pianist John Bayless, Disability Issues


~~ Awards of Merit Special Mention~~

Annique Kaljouw (Netherlands)Azart. Come Make Art, Documentary Feature
Brandon Young (USA)Haunted, Actor: Leading (Dennis Record as Eldon)
Camilla Almond (USA)Traffic, Film Short
Chenyang Zhao (USA)NEVER SAY GOODBYE, Women Filmmakers, Asian
Darlene Sellers (USA)Maureen, Actress: Leading (Darlene Sellers as Maureen)
David Moreton (USA)Do You Want to Die in Indio?, Actor: Supporting (Robert Kazinsky as Henry)
Ellie Torez (United Kingdom)Milo, Film Short
Emerald Hardy (USA)Wine, Whiskey and Lullabies, Original Score (Student) (Composed by Thomas Rankin)
Hazel Gurland-Pooler (USA)Storming Caesars Palace, Documentary Feature, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Women Filmmakers
Imogen Rose Russell (USA)Eurydice, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger, LGBTQ+ (Student)
Jacek Krawczyk (Poland)The Seventh Seal, Experimental
Jason Klein (USA)The Fall, Film Short
Kathy Moore (Australia)Unbroken, LGBTQ+, Use of Film / Video for Social Change
Mitch Allen (United Kingdom)Invasion, Film Short (Student)
Playmaker (USA)Nate Robinson: To Inspire, Documentary Short, Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational
Shaun McLaughlin (USA)The Last Night of the TwiKnight, Actor: Leading (Shaun McLaughlin as Phil Prince/The TwiKnight)
Steve Boyle (USA)City Without A Subway 1986, Documentary Short


~~ Awards of Merit ~~

Andre Ben Birken and Takis Panas (Portugal)BETWEEN, Documentary

Ara Mnatsakanyan (Armenia)The American Good Samaritans, Documentary Feature
Bahareh Aghajari (Iran)Vina, Film Short
Brandon Young (USA)Haunted, Direction, Film Short, Cinematography
Camilla Almond (USA)Traffic, Direction
Carol Capomaccio (USA)ONCE UPON ANOTHER LIFE, Script / Writer (Carol Capomaccio)
Darlene Sellers (USA)Maureen, Women Filmmakers
David Moreton (USA)Do You Want to Die in Indio?, Actor: Leading (Joshua DeJesus as Salvador), Direction, Film Feature
Farid Elhami (Iran)Minstrels of the Sacred Mountains, Documentary Feature
Farid Tahmasebi (Germany)iFriend, Children / Family Programming
GBU & DJ Noj, Graven Image Films (USA)The Last Bullet, Animation, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Graham Northrup (USA)Stand Up, Film Short
Hamid Y. Najafli (USA)Surplus, Film Short
J Z Murdock (USA)Pvt. Ravel’s Bolero, Experimental
Jack Grinhaus (Canada)Elle’s Valley, Film Short, Actress: Leading (Lauren Brotman as Elle)
James Ault (USA)Machanic Manyeruke: The Life of Zimbabwe’s Gospel Music Legend, Christian
Jesse Velik and Lucy Velik (Australia)This Idea of Love, Ensemble Cast
Jil Guyon (USA)Rouyn Noranda, Experimental
Joana Adesuwa Reiterer (Austria)Voices Uprising, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Joey Min (USA)Rumble Riot, Film Short, Web Tube Length Video
Jonathan Baty (USA)Assisted Living, Film Short
Kenneth James Napier (USA)Rustle, Original Score (Composed by Joe Pearson)
Kit Wilson (USA)Something Behind The Walls, Film Short
Leigh Reddick (USA)3:14, Direction (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student), Cinematography (Terrell Lamont)
Lisa Singletary (USA)Walking in the Wrong Direction, LGBTQ+, Women Filmmakers, Film Short
Mae Edwards (USA)I.M.L.A. ~ A Musical Graphic Novel, Experimental, Webisode, Web / Internet Programming, Web Series, Creativity / Originality
Marisa Cohen and Peter Issac Alexander (USA)The Cloaked Realm, Ep 1 – The Knight and the Queen, Animation, Television – Pilot Program, Sound: Overall Impact, Original Score (The Cloaked Realm composed by John Baxter), Script / Writer (Marisa Cohen), Direction, Concept
Matt Provenzano (USA)Welcome to the Theatre, Documentary Short
Max Fannin (USA)Key Lewis; Half Black, Half White, Looks MEXICAN!, Documentary Feature
Michael David Squier (USA)The Baja Bug Movie, Documentary Feature
Nadia Guo (China)Wish You Well, Direction, Film Short, Editing
Nelson Campbell (USA)From Food to Freedom, Documentary Feature
Paul Stewart (United Kingdom)More Than a Roll With a Hole, Documentary Short, Jewish
Poonam Basu (USA)My Dearest Elizabeth, Actress: Leading (MaryLynn Suchan as Elizabeth)
Robert Patriarca (USA)Life’s Better Protected, Direction, Ensemble Cast, Script / Writer
Robert Rollins (USA)The Friendship, Documentary Feature
Rocco Metzger (Switzerland)Catching the Sun, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Saryn Lisa Chorney (USA)Last Lions Left on Earth at Lionsrock Museum, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Shanna Fujii (USA)Madame Hattori’s Izakaya, Asian, Women Filmmakers
Shaun McLaughlin (USA)The Last Night of the TwiKnight, Film Short
Sholom Ellenberg (USA)Running With Emilio, Documentary Short, Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational
Steve Firkins (USA)The Filmmakers, Documentary Feature
T.J. Penton (USA)Generosity, Women Filmmakers
Terry Ross (USA)A Chateau in the Loire, Women Filmmakers
Timmy Walczak (USA)One Man Picture Show or: The Modern Tragedy of Creation, Actor: Leading (Timmy Walczak as Tom/Dick/Harry/Bert)
Yuxi Xing (USA)Smart Speaker, Film Short (Student), Cinematography (Student) (“Lance” Haoyuan Li)


~~ Awards of Recognition ~~



Achebe Dike (USA)Yard Work, Narration / Voiceover Talent (Achebe Dike)
Anitra Nelson (Australia)Beyond Money: Yenomon, Educational / Instructional / Training
Apolonia Davalos, Coo Cinema Club (USA)Worrywart, Music Video
Armin Nasseri (USA)George Hobbs: Stick Figure Wisdom, Documentary Feature
BJ Grogan (USA)The Consequences, Editing
Brad Banacka (USA)More…More…More…, Television – Pilot Program, Ensemble Cast
Bradley Christian Norkus and Michael Carl Daniels (USA)The Evil Burger Sitcom, Actor: Supporting (Teddy Hill as Garrett)
Brunilda Castejón (Austria)Things to Come-Year 2020, Animation
Carter Dodd (USA)Sam’s Town, Actor: Leading (Carter Dodd as Sam), Dramatic Impact
Chenyang Zhao (USA)OUT OF TIME, Script / Writer (Chenyang Zhao), Creativity / Originality
Cheryl E. Grant (USA)Women Of An Uncertain Age, Ensemble Cast, Webisode
Chia-yu Lu (Taiwan)That Summer, My First Experience, Asian, Film Short
Christina Dodwell (United Kingdom)Christmas Crisis for Willow Deer, Children / Family Programming
Dan T. Hall (USA)Greek Fire – Demon Spirit, Actress: Leading (Moli Hall as Faith), Movie Trailer
David Moreton (USA)Do You Want to Die in Indio?, LGBTQ+
Debra Knox (USA)Hearing Voices, Women Filmmakers
Diana Costa and Camille Sharon (USA)The Lola LaRue Variety Show, Actress: Leading (Diana Costa as Lola LaRue)
Diego Zamalloa (USA)Automate, Script / Writer (Student), Creativity / Originality (Student)
Edwin E. Brochin (USA)Falconer 2 The Untold Stories, Documentary Feature
Elaine Lai and AnQi Yu (USA)Happy New Year 新年快樂, Film Short (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Emerald Hardy (USA)Wine, Whiskey and Lullabies, Film Short (Student)
Felicia Gonzalez Brown  (United Kingdom)Vision of Love, Women Filmmakers, LGBTQ+
Frances Chang (USA)B Positive, Animation
Francesca Brice-Martin (USA)Forgiveness, Film Short
Helena Frawley (USA)The Boot, Animation (Student)
Iola Nguyen (United Kingdom)THE DORMANT TRUTH, Film Short
J. Z. Murdock (USA)Pvt. Ravel’s Bolero, Documentary Short
James M. Ault (USA)Esperanza: Hope for Our Cities, Documentary Feature
Jason Kelly Lee (USA)Sticks and Stones, Film Short, Original Score (Composed by Andrew Pierce and Amber Pierce Valentine), Original Song (These Sticks and Stones composed by Andrew Pierce and Amber Pierce Valentine)
Jessica Silber (USA)It Hurts to Love a Woman, LGBTQ+, Music Video
John Johnson (USA)FREEDUMB, Animation
Jordyn Russell (USA)You Found Me, Animation (Student)
Kandis Heckler (USA)America the Land of the Free?, Script / Writer (Kandis Heckler), Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Karim Mahdjouba (French Polynesia)I signed, Christian, Documentary Feature
Katsi’tsakwas Ellen Gabriel (Canada)Kanatenhs – When The Pine Needles Fall, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples
Kay Pavlou (Australia)GHOST TOWN, Documentary Short
Kenneth James Napier (USA)Rustle, Film Short
Kevin Caraher, Winged Victory Foundation (USA)JUST THE TRUTH, Film Feature, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Kevin Veatch (USA)The Offended Cat, Web Tube Length Video
Kip Pearson (USA)Hyde Street, Actress: Leading (Saskia Baur as Maggie)
Madge (USA)Fix, Women Filmmakers
Mae Edwards (USA)I.M.L.A. ~ A Musical Graphic Novel, Asian, Film Feature, LGBTQ+, Women Filmmakers
Marcos Almada (Mexico)OUTRAGE, Latin / Hispanic
Marisa Cohen and Peter Issac Alexander (USA)The Cloaked Realm, Ep 1 – The Knight and the Queen, Narration / Voiceover Talent (Linnea Sage as Athena)
Matthew R. Howe (USA)Lone Star Surf, Documentary Short (Student)
Matthew R. Howe (USA)The Reunion, Film Short (Student)
Michael Louis Sion (USA)Nikita (No Sugar Daddy), Music Video
Mike Lewis (USA)Pride, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Nancy Paradis (USA)Back to the Heart, Documentary Short
Oriana Theo (Canada)I am that girl., Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Riley Church (USA)Noise, Disability Issues (Student)
Robert L. Butler Jr. (USA)The Alliance 2 The Hunt for Breeze, African American, Film Feature
Roc Flowers and Matilde Bergamini (USA)Show me the Vision, Editing, Music Video
Rosie Maddox (USA)Part 1. Hit & Run, Webisode
Ruth Elliott (USA)THE NIGHT PRINCESS, Women Filmmakers
Sabrina Dubner (USA)The Last Sighting, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Samuel Taylor (USA)AT THE MERCY OF FAITH, Script / Writer (Samuel Taylor), Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational
Samuel Taylor (USA)AT THE MERCY OF FAITH – Alternative Horror, Script / Writer (Samuel Taylor), Religion / Ethics
Samuel Taylor (USA)AT THE MERCY OF FAITH – Terror Version, Script / Writer (Samuel Taylor), Dramatic Impact
Saryn Lisa Chorney (USA)Last Lions Left on Earth at Lionsrock Museum, Experimental
Séamus Miller (USA)She Speaks To The Trees, Film Short, Creativity / Originality
Serkan Aktaş (Turkey)The Librarian, Film Short
Shihyun Wang (Taiwan)The Future in Our Hands, Web / Internet Programming, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
Shihyun Wang (Taiwan)Growing with Our Family Tree, Asian, History / Biographical
Simon Zhao (USA)We The People?, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Timmy Walczak (USA)One Man Picture Show or: The Modern Tragedy of Creation, Editing
Timothy Jerome Myrick (USA)Meeting of the Big Four, Film Short
Timothy Jessop (Finland)Empty., Film Short
Vanessa Arcia (USA)Fixation, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Vijay Singh (USA)Sonant, Film Short (Student)
Virginie Balabaud (France)The Little Gift, Documentary Short, Script / Writer (Virginie Balabaud)
Yantra de Vilder (Australia)After the Flood, Nature / Environment / Wildlife






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