Hungary has gone through major political changes… How did this shape the Hungarian Film? Is there a new style formulating?

I don’t see any strong direction yet. The Hungarian film is now a bit indefinable, a blend of different trends. Compared to previous times, I don’t see a unified character or language right now… maybe depressive and dragging, these are the first words come to mind. It is also selfish…l’art pour l’art. It is not made for the audiences, it doesn’t want to give them anything, it is just murmuring to himself. On the other side, a growing number of filmmakers trying to make blockbusters but they are just searching for the formula to reach a big, mediocre, mainstream audience. The sad reality is that they always end up aiming much lower than that. So, we end up with idiotic, dumb and just generally bad, bad movies. The truth lies somewhere between the two…but I’ll show them.