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A thousand generations live in you now. See Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in theaters December 20.

James Bond 007 No time to die 2020 Daniel Craig, Rami Malek

Trailers in 2020


"terroir" & "Pooling" win awards on last day of 2019!

"terroir" and "Pooling", the two latest musical films by Dawn Westlake under her Ron de Cana Prods, Inc. shingle, have won awards on the final day of 2019. "terroir" is the story of how unfortunately the mother-child relationship can cloud our perceptions of very capable female leaders in all sectors of society. It won the BEST MUSIC VIDEO AWARD at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Film Festival held at the National Film Archive of India in Pune. "Pooling...

"terroir" accepted to Intimate Lens Film Festival in Italy!

"terroir" has just been accepted to its 8th festival since being released on September 9, 2019. It will play the IntimaLente/IntimateLens Film Festival in Caserta, Italy on December 20, 2019. Written/helmed/produced by Dawn Westlake under her Ron de Cana Prods, Inc. shingle, "terroir" is a musical poem about how the mother-child relationship sometimes clouds our perceptions of very capable female leaders in all sectors of society. The film was shot on location in Wheaton &am...

"terroir" to have European premiere in Hungary!

"terroir" will have its European Premiere in Budapest, Hungary with the 22nd annual Faludi Film Festival, November 27-30, 2019. Written/helmed/produced by Dawn Westlake under her Ron de Cana Prods, Inc. shingle, "terroir" was filmed in Wheaton & Peru, Illinois, USA, Font Romeu, France and Vilafranca del Penedes, Catalunya, Spain by Pol Carrizo Vilarroig of Imatge Barcelona. Pol also did the editing and considerable visual effects for the film. A score was written and West...

"terroir" wins Honorable Mention at its World Premiere

"terroir" has won Honorable Mention at its world premiere with Festival Internacional de Cine de Villa de Leyva in Bogota, Colombia. Written/helmed/produced and sung by Dawn Westlake, "terroir" is a poem orchestrated musically by GC Johnson of Acoustic Labs. It was shot on location in Westlake's childhood home in Wheaton, IL and at August Hill Winery in Peru, IL, USA by Pol Carrizo Vilarroig of Imatge Barcelona. Pol also did 2nd unit photography in Font Romeu, France and ...

"terroir" to have US Premiere at Austin Music Video Festival!

"terroir", the new feminist musical from Dawn Westlake and her Ron de Cana Prods, Inc. has been selected to the Austin Music Video Festival in Texas for December 10-14, 2019. This will be the film's USA premiere. "terroir" was written as a poem by Westlake, and then orchestrated by GC Johnson of Acoustic Labs, who also coached her singing performance. The film was shot/edited and visual effects were done by Pol Carrizo Vilarroig of Imatge Barcelona. The piece was filmed o...

"terroir" is born!

"terroir", a new musical film from Dawn Westlake of Ron de Cana Productions, Inc. was finished on 9.9.2019! Written as a poem by Westlake, "terroir" was orchestrated by GC Johnson of Acoustic Labs, and then sung by Westlake who also plays herself (in the present day) and her mother (in 1969 and the 1990s) in the film. Lilly Johnson, her cousin's granddaughter, plays Westlake as a four-year-old and her mother as a three-year-old, in 1969 and 1930, respectively. Pol Carriz...


Director: Dawn Westlake.

The French word terroir is used across many languages and cultures to describe the soil and climate factors that give wine its character. Metaphorically, we can look at our human upbringing and the resulting character of various world cultures as ‘terroir’. Factually, we all originate from women, but it is the rare culture that respects or honors this truth. Why do we pervert the vessel of life to its own self-denial?

Second Lane

Director: Sampsa Huttunen.
A documentary about hard drug users and people working among them. What happens when 'Vinkki', a social and healthcare counselling centre in Helsinki, closes its doors due to a lost contract.

"From On High" selected to Festival Internacional de Cine Politico en Buenos Aires!

"From On High" has been selected to play out of competition in the 8th annual Festival Internacional de Cine Politico in Buenos Aires, Argentina, May 17-23, 2018. Written and helmed by Dawn Westlake, the film is about a Syrian refugee girl who finds a better life in Europe. It marks the professional acting debut of 11-year-olds Zoe Pinell Lopez and Esteve Serra Coll. "From On High" was shot on location in Barcelona, Collsuspina and La Sala de Sant Llogari in the Catalunya pr...

"From On High" to have French premiere with Festival Retours du Monde!

"From On High" will have its French premiere with Festival Retours du Monde in St. Jean-St. Nicolas, France May 23-26, 2018. The film, shot and edited in the Barcelona area of Catalunya by Pol Carrizo Vilarroig of Imatge Barcelona, is about a young Syrian refugee girl who finds a better life in Europe. An original score was provided by GC Johnson of Acoustic Labs. "From On High" was written, helmed and produced by Dawn Westlake under her Ron de Cana Productions shingle out o...

Grand Prix of the Americas went to Rajko Grlic’s Constitution (FFM 2016)

The Constitution (Ustav Republike Hrvatske), Croatia, Czech Republic, UK, Slovenia, Macedonia Directed by Rajko Grlic; written by Ante Tomic & Rajko Grlic; cast: Nebojsa Glogovac, Dejan Acimovic, Ksenija Marinkovic, Bozidar Smiljanic... The Story: Four characters (or rather three and a half, since the father of the protagonist is tied up to a deathbed with amputated legs, hardly able to speak) live in the same building, yet separated by different social status, political and ideological ...


When communities are caught in the depths of conflict and oppression, and survival becomes part of everyday life, why do people continue to create? When arms and air raids, ceasefires and aid fail to bring an end to such situations, what can art offer and what can it change?

CREATE Film Festival seeks to examine and explore the issue of creativity in sites of conflict; to offer a unique opportunity to see not only the different ways in which creativity can fuel change, but the truly exceptional talent that exists in some of the world’s most challenging contexts, where people have to think creatively about everything in order to survive.

Creativity as resistance; as understanding; as peace building; as voice; as messenger; as an alternative. Film In Place of War.

Call For Film Submissions

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The 3rd Women’s Voices Now Film Festival Announces Call for Entries Submissions period begins January 4, 2016, 9AM PST. Deadline is March 8, 2016, 11:59PM PST. $10,000 in cash prizes.   Submit your film: Contact: *EDIT: We are now accepting FEATURE length Narrative and Documentary films along with short film submissions. We are also awarding $10,000 in cash prizes. The 2016 Women&#...


The 18th edition of the One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival will take place March 7 - 16, 2016 in Prague followed by travelling festivals in the regions of the Czech Republic. To submit a film, please complete the Film Submission Form. For more information about the submission process please read the Festival Rules and Regulations. Feature or mid-length documentaries (minimum length is 40 minutes) and short films for children (short documentaries or animated...

I Will Tell International Film Festival

Our Call For Entry is Now Open!

Download the submission form with terms and conditions on this page: 


Director: Stella Leonetti.

Africa Light / Gray Zone

user A film by Tino Schwanemann. Music by Steffen Greisiger & The Film Orchestra Babelsberg.   Synopsis: Africa is full of nature’s colors. A colorful experience! The social, political and economical problems of the continent, however, are unsaturated. Neither black nor white, but endless gray. "Africa Light" - as white local citizens call Namibia. The name suggests romance, the beauty of nature and promises a life witho...

Democracy Is ...

The film "Democracy is ..." by Tino Schwanemann is a controversy on democracy. Is our society really democratic? Can everyone be part of it? Or is the act of being part in democracy dependent to the access on technology, progression or any resources of information, as philosophers like Paul Virilio or Jean Baudrillard already claimed? The film is an inventory of our surrounding reality and its goal is to initiate discussions on democracy. This is the winner film of Gesellschafte...


Director: Stella Leonetti.
In a disheartened country, two filmmakers do not give up hope


This symbolic shortfilm exploits the idea of anunderlying meaning in the tense vibe between three people, interacting witheach other on a badminton arena. Two of them plays the game while the third isa spectator, altering the player’s intention with the game. 


Director: Daniel Ronnstam.
Symbolic Shortfilm This shortfilm exploits the idea of an underlying meaning in the tense vibe between three people, interacting with each other on a badminton arena. Two of them plays the game while the third is a spectator, altering the player’s intention with the game.

Astronaut Goes From Migrant Fields To Outer Space

Director: David Moolten.
Once a child laborer who trekked from Mexico to the fields of California to pick strawberries, Jose Hernandez recently traveled into space as an astronaut on the Discovery space shuttle. His story honors both the desperate struggle of immigrants and the greatness of which they are capable. This film and spoken word performance are a tribute.


Director: Valeria Fonseca.
Based on Gandhi's quote "An eye for an eye will quickly leave the whole World blind" The film highlights the futility of the war on terror by taking a glimpse into a timeline of events that have unfolded since the 9/11 terrorist attacks in NewYork City and, explores the conflict between the West and Islam from a satirical point of view.


Director: Brigitte Uttar KORNETZKY.
GOD NO SAY SO Sierra Leone 2009 Brigitte Uttar Kornetzky Director, Editor, DOP After 11 years of a war they did not understand, rife with horrible war crimes, Sierra Leoneans live fraternally and peacefully despite a ruthless corruption, which strips them of the basic necessities. God No Say So weaves a colourful mosaic of Sierra Leone and her peoples' extraordinary forgiveness and resilience. In a crux moment, a baker maimed during the conflict still feels unsettled and cannot find peace within himself. With the camera characteristically close, he is asked if he would seek revenge against the man who did this to him, he replies after a long moment of silence, "Me? God no say so." Yet God is not the centerpiece for tales of survival, access to water, education, hard work, prostitution, and fear of accused war criminal Charles Taylor. While filming, Taylor literally flew over in a helicopter on his way to jail in Freetown, which was terrifying for everyone being filmed at the time. His trial at The Hague should end this Fall, with the sentencing perhaps in 2010. Over two hundred at time survived the war in the belly of a bridge above the ocean. Kornetzky was the first outsider to see it. The core group of survivors breaks rocks beside the bridge for a meager living. "No stealing. No fighting. Righteousness. Together as one." It's a contemporary post war bohemia. In a long conversation between a broker and a woman with keen wit who hustles Whites when she can, to support her family, we find a treasure about hope, dreams, and optimism. "Corruption is so rife", we hear a journalist say, that everything goes to a few people, while the others suffer miserably. Then the camera descends into a shantytown by the ocean. God No Say So captures a spot in human history so dark that it demands a new order of our minds. Searching within so much confusion doesn’t find solid ground. The victims’ minds still turn, as do ours, with their outrageous reality. The criminal acts are enormous. Could our neighbors – our children - could we do this? Why is this happening to this good spirited people?

La Boca Del Lobo International Short Film Festival

To show and to promote the most interesting, avant-garde and hazardous movies from the international and independent cinema, transforming madrilean nights into a cross cultural place.


To attract and create new amateurs of this kind of production with an alternative offer, by generating new place for showing. These are the main objectives of this festival.

First to organize a film festival in a music club and to promote it with a new project - the touring festival - La Boca del Lobo suggests a different model of competition, by organizing itself in small places to make connections between audience and producers easier.

The aim, since its first edition in 1997, is to explore new ways in the seventh art from a different perspective, valiant; blended with the other art: music.
Workshops, forum, exhibitions and concerts are part of the festival program.

A festival escaping from the main stream ghetto.
A festival made in a cave.
A bet against who thinks: ”madrilean movida is dead!”
A project coming from the dark night, shining by itself, that pays a tribute to creators of our age.