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Quendrith Johnson

Quendrith Johnson is Los Angeles Correspondent covering everything happening in film in Hollywood... Well, the most interesting things, anyway.
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First ever International Cinema Day 2020 fetes indie houses on Sept. 12 

by Quendrith Johnson, Los Angeles Correspondent How about good news for a change, or at least a day to celebrate independent movie houses? Here you go... :) The first annual International Cinema Day will take place this Saturday, Sept. 12, in an effort to give back to the cinemas that have transformed the lives of movie-goers. International Cinema Day (ICD) is a global event designed to celebrate the universal love for film and memorable cinematic experiences at historic theatres. ICD w...

Bong Joon Ho’s Classic MEMORIES OF MURDER Redux Oct. 19 & Edgar Wright chat

by Quendrith Johnson, Los Angeles Correspondent When now-Oscar-winner Bong Joon Ho made his 2003 film MEMORIES OF MURDER, about the fact based premise, he said  “[This] case is an intertwined web of tragedy and black comedy—the eerie comedy that blooms within the air during the most absurd of times." On Oct. 19 and 20, NEON will release a remastered MEMORIES OF MURDER with Fathom Events. "The film is an uncanny, yet natural, mixture of horror and comedy b...

URSULA VON RYDINGSVARD: INTO HER OWN is pandemic comfort via wood art

by Quendrith Johnson, Los Angeles Correspondent Once in a generation an artist comes along who can speak to the human condition in an unexpected way, specifically with large-scale wooden sculpture for Ursula von Rydingsvard. Her extraordinary journey is chronicled in documentary film URSULA VON RYDINGSVARD: INTO HER OWN from director Daniel Traub, available on Sept. 29 on VOD. An Icarus Films release, presented by Itinerant Pictures, Von Rydingsvard’s struggle as a single mother and&n...

3 Star Michelin Chef David Kinch: US kitchen to France, A CHEF’S VOYAGE

by Quendrith Johnson, Los Angeles Correspondent France is the undisputed home to, and originator of the term, haute cuisine and yet? 3 Star Michelin Chef David Kinch is brazen enough to take a pop-up kitchen to the heart of French cooking to collaborate with other legendary Michelin starred madmen in A CHEF’S VOYAGE from First Run Features. ”I believe that gastronomy, like any art, captures the real data on what it’s like to exist," says Director Ré...

Expert Panel of Unscripted TV Execs invite from Micheaux Film Festival 9/16

by Quendrith Johnson, Los Angeles Correspondent With the end of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" (hey, we're not celebrating, just reporting), how about getting your own reality show made? After 14 years of KUWTK, it is now open season for the next big (hopefully less vapid, lolz) thing. So how do you get your series out there? Micheaux Film Festival can answer that for you, and you're invited to learn how... From Screenmancer  Coming up on Sept. 16, the Micheaux Fil...

Liev Schreiber lands in Hemingway’s last novel adapt ACROSS THE RIVER AND INTO THE TREES

by Quendrith Johnson Los Angeles Correspondent Just when you had forgotten all about Ernest Hemingway? Nobody forgets this author, not for long anyway. At least he has not yet become a victim of cancel culture. Yet Hemingway's last novel "Across the River and Into the Trees" in 1950, from Charles Scribner & Sons in New York, was actually panned in some places by reviewers who felt perhaps it might be interpreted as a 'parody' of the spare, simple declaractive se...

Watch Julianne Moore, Alicia Vikander both as Gloria Steinem in THE GLORIAS from her memoir

by Quendrith Johnson, Los Angeles Correspondent What can you say about Gloria Steinem that the (women’s) world doesn’t already know? One thing is her quote that echoes all through the hills, including the Hollywood Hills: “The Truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.” Steinem is now the subject of a new sort of adaptation of her autobiography “My Life on the Road,” a movie called THE GLORIAS. It is directed by the amazingly talented Julie Ta...

Joel Edgerton, Marion Cotillard, Mark Rylance lead great cast in Brady Corbet's THE BRUTALIST

by Quendrith Johnson, Los Angeles Correspondent If you watched Marion Cotillard as Edith Piaf, you have a sense of her volcanic range. Now Cotillard is headed for THE BRUTALIST with Joel Edgerton and Mark Rylance as headliners. Brady Corbet is the director, having come off his last film with Natalie Portman in VOX LUX. This third outing for Corbet looks promising, especially with a title so fitting for now... From Screenmancer  LONDON: Golden Globe nominee Joel Edgerton (Boy Erased, Lo...

NO TIME TO DIE, out in November, watch Daniel Craig as 007 now

By Quendrith Johnson, Los Angeles Correspondent   Some have said Daniel Craig is the most bad@ss James Bond... few would disagree. Now the next trailer is out. This is the one hotly anticipated with Rami Malek as the ultra villain. Coming in November. Enjoy! Where We Left Our Hero... 007, Bond, James Bond In No Time To Die, Bond has left active service and is enjoying a tranquil life in Jamaica. His peace is short-lived when his old friend Felix Leiter from the CIA turns up aski...

Stan Brakhage, Gilbert & George, Marlon Riggs, 33 wild films like these on OVID for September

by Quendrith Johnson, Los Angeles Correspondent When you tell this story, many people find it hard to believe, but occult filmmaker Harry Smith was at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics during my time there as the Ted Berrigan Award winner, and he was one interesting creature of cinema. Anyway, he and Stan Brakhage the experimental filmmaker were friends. Some strange conversations ensued, mostly about when Harry pulled a fire alarm at a restaurant because an investor...

ENTWINED is a Greek horror movie that somehow resonates right now

by Quendrith Johnson, Los Angeles Correspondent Something about this Pandemic is perfect for a Greek horror movie. Opening in theaters before a VOD North American release on Sept. 8 from Dark Star Pictures, ENTWINED is that movie. Why? Because, for one thing, Pandemic is a Greek word, from ‘pan’ meaning “all” and ‘demos’ meaning “people.” More to the point, thousands of years ago,  Greek tragedies paved the way for everybody else in W...

What your favorite star Jack Black does during a Pandemic?

by Quendrith Johnson, Los Angeles Correspondent Hey so, Coronavirus marches in London? Well, in Hollywood, you get a different reaction. Okay, there is no segue there, except that the Pandemic makes people do weird things. Take beloved comedian Jack Black He looks like Rip Van Winkle lately. But? Not anymore, ps. Watch!  From Screenmancer We stole this from the Upbraidy Bunch, who stole it first. That would be the Ferrell gang over at Funny Or Die. But is there something to b...

THE PASSION OF ANNA MAGNANI: They don't make them like her anymore

by Quendrith Johnson, Los Angeles Correspondent How can we assess the work of an actor as powerful on screen as Anna Magnani, when mostly what we get are cartoon, caped-crusaders on screen? Good question, but here's a quick answer in this case. THE PASSION OF ANNA MAGNANI is a doc that screened at Cannes 2020 to much acclaim, and literally brings back the emotional exuberance of a gifted entertainer. Once we, as global audiences, weren't afraid to be 'entertained' by strong e...


by Quendrith Johnson, Los Angeles Correspondent “I just could not believe my mere existence was such a problem for people,” is how actor Ruth Negga explains her personal POV that is infused in the movie LOVING, co-starring Joel Edgerton. LOVING is screening now for free as part of AFI Movie Club’s “Black Stories Matter” series. Negga expands on her views, and mentions that only “in 1967” did it become legal for parents like hers to be wed. Here’...

Naughty-nice P*SS OFF, I LOVE YOU airs at Dances With Films & is funny

by Quendrith Johnson, Los Angeles Correspondent Has anyone else ever had the thought that only Australians want to make, or star in, or direct, American TV shows and movies these days? Add your own el-oh-el to that one, but P*SS OFF, I LOVE YOU is a semi-zany series from an American who sounds like an Aussie, Jessie McCormack, that will stream at the upcoming Dances with Films (DWF) fest from Aug. 27 through Sept. 6. Hey, just for the record, for this reviewer? It is, well, act...

No Fossil on Fire in AMMONITE: Kate Winslet, Saoirse Ronan Do it Differently

by Quendrith Johnson, Los Angeles Correspondent With Céline Sciamma’s French movie PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE in 2019, some felt the stark same-sex love story, a period piece, was too ‘powerful’ for mainstream audiences. Thus, the film was passed over for worldwide competition even by home country France. Now there is another costume drama with Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan on offer that eerily parallels the love among outlier women. Director Francis Lee’s tak...


by Quendrith Johnson, Los Angeles Correspondent Seven years ago, our lives were changed with a new movement inspired (sadly) by violence, and there are three women at the heart of what we now know as hashtag "Black Lives Matter" or #BLM, which is raging in the streets of America and around the world right now in media coverage. This is from the only real source: "In 2013, three radical Black organizers — Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi — created...

Sting, Norah Jones, free concert, plus Trey Anastasio, Rufus Wainwright, Leslie Odom Jr., Rosanne Cash, coming in Sept.

by Quendrith Johnson, Los Angeles Correspondent Sometimes it's difficult to figure out how to help, when to help, or even where to help for the most pressing social issues. But this is an easy one, an easy way in to assist in such a powerful way during these grim times. SummerStage Jubilee is coming on Sept. 17, with some glittery free talent on tap, including former Police frontman Sting, phenom Norah Jones, plus Trey Anastasio, Rufus Wainwright, Leslie Odom Jr., Rosanne Cash, ...

Diane Stays in Her Lane with Kevin Costner for LET HIM GO

by Quendrith Johnson, Los Angeles Correspondent Academy Award nominee Diane Lane has been in the public eye since Coppola, even before THE COTTON CLUB, where she polished her star so brightly that the film still shines out today. Now Focus Features has her set in this gem opposite another leading man of the period, Kevin Costner. The film is novel adaptation LET HIM GO, on deck for November release. LET HIM GO, set in 1951 in Montana, revisits Western themes of family and isolation where t...

Film legend Leonard Maltin shares three secrets of CITIZEN KANE for #AFIMOVIECLUB

by Quendrith Johnson, Los Angeles Correspondent If you’ve attended the Santa Barbara International Film Festival (SBIFF), you’ll know that The Maltin Modern Masters Award in honor of legendary author/critic Leonard Maltin is a coveted prize in Hollywood. Leonard Maltin has dedicated his life to researching not only the cinema classics, but also the contemporary Best Pictures, actors, directors, and screenwriters as they emerge in the New Hollywood. That said, it is fitting that Or...

COVID-19 loss of casting legend Moonyeenn Lee (1944-2020), daughter of Shirley Hepburn

by Quendrith Johnson, Los Angeles Correspondent Introduction: Moonyeenn Lee (1944-2020), daughter of actress Shirley Hepburn, who became a casting powerhouse known for putting together actors in films such as BLOOD DIAMOND, the Oscar-nominated MANDELA: LONG WALK TO FREEDOM, as well as HOTEL RWANDA, has died. Moonyeenn was nominated for two Emmy Awards for “The Looming Tower” and “Roots;” her legacy continues with director daughter Cindy Lee and her son David Lee. She s...

CLEMENCY movie free thru 7/31 & Alfre Woodard joins BLM Global co-founder Patrisse Cullors

by Quendrith Johnson, Los Angeles Correspondent In American, or in a deeply divided America, right now, women sometimes appear to be split into "Karen" and "non-Karen" camps. But the reality is, the issues that divide are more complicated than the duality we are seeing right now. That said, actor/activist Alfre Woodward from CLEMENCY is teaming up with others to take the #BLM discussion to another level using this NEON release from 2019 as a reference point. Read on... N...

Omertà not so much in Netflix docuseries: FEAR CITY: NEW YORK vs. THE MAFIA coming July 22

by Quendrith Johnson, Los Angeles Correspondent If you grew up in any major East Coast metro area in the 1970’s, you kind of knew which streets were safe, or in the case of Boston’s North End, which were La Cosa Nostra (our cause). Say restaurants and shops fronted by Gennaro “Jerry” Anguilo of the Anguilo Bros. Plus you likely were aware that the Anguilo Family answered to the Patriarca’s who were allied with the Gambino Family. Which leads to the Five Families ...

NEVERENDING STORY’s Stronach, LOTR’s Sean Astin, Rhea Perlman, Christopher Lloyd, Michael Emerson, board MAN & WITCH

by Quendrith Johnson, Los Angeles Correspondent She played the "childlike empress" in 1984's THE NEVERENDING STORY, and now Tami Stronach is making a lead return in MAN & WITCH. Read on... from Screenmancer  New York, NY : Tami Stronach, the Childlike Empress from timeless 80’s classic “The NeverEnding Story” has been announced to star in, and executive produce, a new children’s fantasy film titled “Man & Witch,” writt...

Wild women and whiskey, not the song, Allison Volk from DEANY BEAN IS DEAD has a lockdown film

by Quendrith Johnson, Los Angeles Correspondent Even some women may not know as much as Allison Volk about how to handle this Pandemic and pandemonium we are living through, especially in the Age of Social Media. C’mon, have you ever checked your ex’s Facebook page? Perhaps thumbed through their Instagram, or hit them up anonymously on Snapchat? Of course not, who would do that? Volk, who is known for her films and working with City Shakespeare Company in Santa Monica, wrote and s...


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