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Accolade Competition

The Accolade Global Film Competition is unique in the industry.  Attracting both powerhouse companies as well as talented new filmmakers it is an exceptional, truly international awards competition, not a traditional film festival – which allows filmmakers from around the world to enter their films in this prestigious competition.

Established in 2003, Accolade Global Film Competition is an avant-garde worldwide competition that strives to give talented directors, producers, actors, creative teams and new media creators the positive exposure they deserve. It discovers and honors the achievements of filmmakers who produce high quality shorts and new media. The Accolade promotes award winners through the website and social media.

Our talented award winners have gone on to win Oscars, Emmys, Tellys and other awards.

MovieMaker Magazine included The Accolade among the Top 25 Festivals “Worth the Entry Fee.” The article said, “Past participants can’t stop raving about the professional opportunities participation in this event has generated for their work.”

Go to for rules and entry form.


The Accolade Global Film Competition Announces Latest Winners!

Rick Prickett, Competition Director



The Accolade Announces Latest Winners!

La Jolla, CA, August 2022 – The awards go to those filmmakers, television producers and videographers who produce fresh, standout entertainment and compelling documentaries. The Accolade is an international awards competition that honors those who demonstrate exceptional achievement in craft and creativity.


~~ Best of  Show ~~


It’s Spring… – Roman Musheghyan 


Roman Musheghyan (USA)It’s Spring… (Garuna), Film Feature – Inspired by real events of the four-day war in Armenia in April 2016 – this deftly directed feature film highlights three generations of father-son relationships – with incompatible ideologies and tragic consequences. Grandfather Aram, a hardened soldier and general has devoted his life to service. His son is a successful businessman who can’t forgive his father for always choosing country over family. Adult grandson Levon is a gifted violinist with a bright future but inspired by his grandfather’s ideology he chooses the military over his parents ‘objections. A well-researched and artfully crafted script sets the foundation for exceptional performances by a very talented cast who deliver achingly authentic performances. Exceptional production, sound design, score, editing and cinematography. Stars: Alexander Khachatryan (Betrayal, The Leaders), Levon Hakhverdyan (Mechanics of Happiness), Marjan Avetisyan (Power) and Armen Margaryan (Manyunya) – Honored Artist of Armenia.  Phoenix Art Foundation.


~~ Outstanding Achievement ~~


Baboons – A Really Wild Family – Oliver Goetzl

Oliver Goetzl (Germany)Baboons – A Really Wild Family, Nature / Wildlife – Goetzl brings his signature mix of extraordinary wildlife filming combined with clever entertaining scripting and exceptional story-telling to highlight a family of wild baboons in Africa. Wildlife filming is among the most challenging often taking days or even weeks to get a specific shot. Goetzl and his team are at the top of the field. They manage to capture cinematic quality images and weave them together into a story that is utterly entertaining, informative and moving. Artistic cinematography, extraordinary images, fascinating storylines and superb sound design create a doc that feels more like a scripted movie. A horde of olive baboons in Africa’s Great Rift Valley – we get to know the individual characters and their special traits: the grandfather, the tough rioter, the cool macho, the helicopter mother, the devious villain and of course lots of young animals. As you can see, monkeys are only small people with fur – and in the end they are just “a terribly nice family”.  A feat of wildlife and documentary filmmaking! Bravo Oliver!


~~ Awards of Excellence Special Mention ~~

Thomas Verrette (USA)Zero Gravity, Doc Feature – Deft direction, excellent production and skillful pacing bring to life the story of a diverse group of middle-school students from California who compete in a nationwide tournament to code satellites aboard the International Space Station. Thoroughly engaging and poignant stories of the special kids whose lives are changed by the challenge.


Natalie A. Evans (United Kingdom)Road Trip, Film Short – Dressed in crazy hats and wigs, a mother and daughter go on their last ever road trip together. A touching script touchingly brought to life by a talented cast – it explores the complicated relationship between mothers and daughters and the ultimate bond of love. Stars: Kate Robbins (Eastenders, After Life 3), Naomi McDonald (Shaun the Sheep, Angelina Ballerina).


Yaser Talebi (Iran)I Won’t Remain Alone, Doc Short – An old disabled couple in a small Iranian village face their devastating grief after the death of their son and their brave and difficult decision to defy Islamic traditions and red tape in order to donate his organs to help others. Impactfully crafted and brilliantly edited observational doc that is both heart-breaking and heart-warming as the old man’s dying wish is realized.


Arlo Iron Cloud (USA)Remember the Children, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples – telling the story of the 400 government Indian Boarding schools, their goal to erase native culture and the often-horrific abuses of indigenous children there – including thousands of deaths. Tracing the efforts of the elders and communities who are keeping their stories alive through creating memorials. A touching tribute.


Fiona Cochrane (Australia)PATOU: In Black & White, Doc Short – Telling the story of Jamaican singer Pat Powell (Patou).  Following a career that spans over four decades and across the globe, he is one of Australia’s most accomplished yet hidden vocal talents.  An engaging and well-crafted doc – expertly weaving together his career highlights with real-life experiences of self-identity and racism for himself and his family.


Miya Wang (China)Lifetime Trial, Film Short (Woman Filmmakers) – A beautiful career woman engages a new AI dating technology called “Lifetime Trial” to help her decide which of her three suitors that she will marry. A playful romp turns into a story where she ultimately must face her morality, deepest desires and fears – and what she is willing to give up to find love. Stars: Aurora LiJim LiuBadu and Mason Lee.


Thomas Duncan (USA)Sound of the Surf, Doc Feature – The true story of the beginnings and evolution of “Surf Music” as California’s indigenous pop music movement. Told through intimate interviews, media archives, real scrapbook photos and home movies, it highlights the ground-breaking musicians who created the phenomenon. Featuring icons Dick DalePaul JohnsonEddie BertrandDavid MarksBill Medley.


Alexandra Alekhina (Russian Federation)Hold My Hand, Film Short – A woman over 40 and her husband must face the reality of their high-risk pregnancy. Finding themselves on opposite sides of keeping a child who may have a disability their lives change forever when stuck in an elevator with another pregnant woman. Stars Lubov Tolkalina (Beg ulitok), Pavel Barshak (Unbroken), Alya Semenova.


Sounds True Studios (USA)Being with You: The Power of Self-Compassion, Doc Feature – Exploring the importance of self-compassion, the science behind it, and its social impact on society set against the anxiety of the times. Exceptional interviews are at once instructive, informative, and deeply hopeful – showing the power of the human spirit to heal ourselves and the world around us.


Sean-Wen Yang (Taiwan)The Islands of the Swaying GrainKinmen, Asian – a imaginatively crafted “Travel & Tourism” film, showcasing the attractions of Kinmen through the lens of a perky B & B owner and the colorful characters that stay there. Together they make Kinmen an inviting backdrop for their travels– showcasing the beautiful nature, wildlife, culture and history. Creative and well crafted with beautiful cinematography.


~~ Awards of Excellence ~~

 Andreas Heinrich (Switzerland)Terra Sancta, Direction, Ensemble Cast, Film Short, Script / Writer
Barbara Bentree (USA)ORIGAMI IN THE GARDEN, Documentary Feature
Chenguang Xie (China)Exhausted, Film Short
Claire Dodin (USA)My Name is Minette – The High Meows episode, Animation, Children / Family Programming, Direction, Women Filmmakers, Original Song (My Name is Minette composed by Claire Dodin and Leon Y. Riskin)
Claire Panosian Dunavan (USA)ACCIDENTAL HOST – The Story of Rat Lungworm Disease, Educational / Instructional / Training, Documentary Short
Craig Daniel Leon (Ecuador)Dipsas Speaks, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Craig Stewart (USA)In Jade Moonlight, Script / Writer
David P. Crews (USA)A Circle in the Desert, Script / Writer
Haley Seppa (USA)Ataraxia, LGBTQ+ (Student)
Jaime Jacobsen (USA)Crop Diversity Series, Educational / Instructional / Training, Web Series
James Ganiere (Australia)Land of the Free: OUT OF THE SHADOWS, Documentary Short
Kate Cohen (USA)Luna, Documentary Short
Lynn H. Elliott (USA)Pirandello’s Wife, Script / Writer
Natalie A. Evans (United Kingdom)ROAD TRIP, Women Filmmakers
Oliver Goetzl (Germany)BABOONS – A REALLY WILD FAMILY, Documentary Short, Editing, Direction
Roman Musheghyan (USA)It’s Spring…, Actor: Leading (Alexander Khachatryan as Aram)
Saïd Abitar and Curt Fortin (Germany)Akesi and the Loss of the Bateke Kingdom, Children / Family Programming
Saïd Abitar and Curt Fortin (Germany)Akesi and the Fight for Independence, Children / Family Programming
Saïd Abitar and Curt Fortin (Germany)Akesi and the Secrets of the Forest, Children / Family Programming
Sean Sciavolin (USA)Beyond Homeless: Finding Hope, Documentary Short
Sean-Wen Yang (Taiwan)The Islands Of The Swaying Grain, Kinmen, Asian
Sounds True Studios (USA)Inside Change: Season 1, Web Series, Use of Film / Video for Social Change
Sounds True Studios (USA)Being with You: The Power of Self-Compassion, Health / Medicine / Science
Thomas Harman (United Kingdom)Riot in the Meadow, Documentary Short (Student)
Victor Bellomo and Tara Sickmeier (USA)Niagara Falls, Film Short, Music Video


~~ Awards of Merit Special Mention ~~

Ariyanto Yuniawan (Indonesia)Ajisaka, Animation
Brittany Charlotte Smith and Kenzie Yango (Canada)The Care Giver, Actress: Leading (Brittany Charlotte Smith as Dr. Catharine Stowe), Film Short
David P. Crews (USA)A Circle in the Desert, Documentary Feature, Original Score (Composed by David P. Crews)
Gary Null, Ph.D (USA)Science for Hire, Documentary Feature
Lisa Godfrey (USA)Film School, Film Short (Student)
Lisa Godfrey (USA)Seven Seeds Productions, Children / Family Programming (Student), Educational / Instructional / Training (Student)
Mosayeb Hanaei (Iran)Before Darkness, Film Short
Ramin Hosseinpour (Iran)Video Art Of Sculpture, Music Video, Arts / Cultural / Performance / Plays
Tom Gordon (USA)Tom Gordon’s BATTLE SCAR Music Video, Music Video


~~ Awards of Merit ~~

Andrew F.C. Wall (Canada)The Satanic Panic and the Religious Battle for the Imagination, Documentary Feature
Ara Mnatsakanyan (USA)The American Good Samaritans, Documentary Feature
Benita Vera von Sass (United Kingdom)The Yesterday, Film Short
Brittany Charlotte Smith and Kenzie Yango (Canada)The Care Giver, Health / Medicine / Science
Carmen Rosa Vargas (Peru)Sonata For A Calendar, Actor: Leading (Oswaldo Salas as Alfonso), Film Short
Derek Sitter (USA)Bugtussle, Actor: Leading (John Mese as Crow), Actor: Supporting (Derek Sitter as Coyote), Film Short, Script / Writer (Derek Sitter), Original Score (Composed by James Hutchens and Johnny Bourbon)
Derrek Brajkovich-Horn (USA)Preparation Z, Direction, Editing, Film Feature
Guang Wei Yan (China)Out Of The Abyss, Film Short
Hsiang-Jen Tien (Taiwan)Huture, Film Short (Student)
Ismail Mohmmed (India)Kakitham – Paper, Children / Family Programming
Jennifer Hathaway (USA)I’m Here, Animation (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Jeremiah Hayes (Canada)Dear Audrey, Documentary Feature
Jessica Krummacher (Germany)The Death of My Mother, Film Feature
John R. Bowey (USA)My Otherland: Linden Jordan, LGBTQ+
Lindsey Ward (USA)Dominion, Documentary Short
Lisa Godfrey (USA)Seven Seeds Productions, Animation (Student)
Mateo Padula (USA)Mystery of Art, Experimental
Mathew Tretola (USA)Brownies, Animation, Special Effects: Animation
Mirek Balonis and Jutta Riedel (Germany)No fags, Documentary Feature
Mohammad Hossein Bagherifard and Mohammad Javad Mazroee (Iran)Uncle Saeed, Documentary Feature
Ortal Odelia Biener (Israel)Daddy Issues, Web Series (Student)
Petra Braun, Robert “Dream” Hobelsberger Production (Germany)Siblings, Actor: Supporting (Robert “Dream” Hobelsberger as Jonas), Film Short
Robin Burke (USA)ripples and pools, Disability Issues, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers
Roham Rasouli (Iran)The Ring, Film Short
Romi Hasegawa (Japan)Me and Her, Asian, Direction, Film Short
Salaheddin Noori (Iran)My Partner Giraffe, Film Short
Stilvi Psilopoulou (Greece)Phoenix 2021/A Survival Guide, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Thomas Brouns (USA)The Search, Documentary Short (Student), Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising  (Student)
Tianyu Tina Gu (USA)CURE, Asian (Student)
Veronica Tullo (USA)For Lonely Nights, Narration / Voice-Over Talent (Student) (VO Eros)
Xi Wang (China)Menarche, Asian (Student)
Yizhi Lin (China)Guan C·X8129, Film Short (Student)


~~ Awards of Recognition ~~

Aric Garcia (USA), Abaddon: The King of the LocustsScript / Writer (Aric Garcia)
Chuck Price (USA)Floor 14 “Avarice”, Experimental, Concept, Christian, Direction
David Green (USA)50-50, Documentary Short
Dino Muccio (USA)MERCY, Film Short
Giuseppina De Luca (Italy)Love Story Cinema Told in Works of Art, Christian
Greg Di Roma (USA)Our Triumphant Holy Day, Christian
Israela Margalit (USA)Music and Tyranny, Documentary Short
Jalaladdin Gasimov (Azerbaijan)Memory and Fault, Film Feature
Jay Pennington and Gerry Olert (USA)Heart Cycles, Actress: Leading (Elizabeth Bode as April), Film Feature
Jean Apa (Sweden)Crowded Village, Experimental
John Johnson (USA)EIGHT, Animation
John Johnson (USA), THE G-FILES, Documentary Short, Narration / Voice-Over Talent (Gus Novack)
John R. Bowey (USA)My Otherland: Linden Jordan, Documentary Short
Judy England (USA)The Stranger, Christian, Sound Editing / Sound Mixing
Kathleen Renee Krenitsky (USA)According to Dogs, Film Short
Ken Sagoes (USA)The Secret Weapon:  Yesterday IS Today, Film Short
Kyle Kogan, Neal Cornell, Sergio Abuja Rodriguez and Dan Bruhl (USA)True Reviews, Web Series, Actress: Leading (Grace Dambier as Beatrice, Christi L, The Mystical Marishka, Irisa J)
Lara Celenza, Kalifilm Productions (Germany)Lost in the City, Actor: Leading (Alex van Ric as Eric Telton)
Liam Lui Martin (USA)Once Upon a Time by the Sea, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Mack Bates (USA)Waukesha Civic Theatre’s ‘Stop Hate’ PSA campaign featuring the cast of “The Laramie Project”, Public Service Programming / PSA, Use of Film / Video for Social Change
Marvin Tyrrell Finch (USA)Kendrick, Film Feature, Movie Trailer
Peiju Huang (Taiwan)The Will to Live – Yes, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, Asian
Raushni Srivastava (India)Love the Mystery, Music Video, Original Song (Lyrics by Raushni Srivastava)
Rich West (USA)The Collection, Film Short
Robert Xavier Clark (USA)Black People Don’t Tango, African American, Film Short
Ronald Keith Salmon (Canada)Something about sea lions, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Shihyun Wang (Taiwan)Unsolved mysteries of the world, Web / Internet Programming
Silvia Giambrone (Italy)Domestication, Women Filmmakers, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Tianyu Tina Gu (USA)SALT, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Valérie Disle (USA)Nevus… I own it, Documentary Feature, Women Filmmakers
Veronica Tullo (USA)For Lonely Nights, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Vicentini Gomez (Brazil)Ayrton – Childhood in the Heart of Brazil, Documentary Feature



About Accolade Competition