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La Commission du Film d'Ile-de-France signe un accord de coopération avec Filme Rio

C'est dans le cadre du Festival International du Film de Rio de Janeiro que le Président de Filme Rio - Rio Film Commission (FR-RFC), Steve Solot, et le Directeur de la Commission du Film d'Ile-de-France (CIDF), Olivier-René Veillon, ont signé aujourd'hui un accord de coopération élargi entre leurs organisations respectives. Les deux organisations ont pour objectif commun de faciliter les tournages dans leurs régions respectives, en offrant aux équipes locales et internationales l...

Once Mars is colonized

Director: Pierre Yves Clouin.
Once Mars is colonized, we must go to Alpha Centauri. - Ray Bradbury

Once Mars is colonized

Director: Pierre Yves Clouin.
Once Mars is colonized, we must go to Alpha Centauri. - Ray Bradbury

The Leap Into The Void

Director: Pierre Yves Clouin.
 Now or never

Tak Sakaguchi Masterclass

Tak Sakaguchi's masterclass on "Directing action movie" May 7th at Terracotta Festival in London


Director: Pierre Yves Clouin.
NYC june 13 2008

Communiqué de presse pour la signature d'un partenariat entre la Commission d'Ile de France et Film London au Festival de Cannes

      Voici le communiqué de presse : Olivier-René VEILLON, Directeur de la Commission du Film d’Ile-de-France, et Adrian WOOTTON, CEO de Film London, ont signé cet après-midi à Cannes (vendredi 14 mai) sur le stand de la Région Ile-de-France un accord de partenariat entre les deux Régions Capitales.  FILM LONDON et LA COMMISSION DU FILM D’ILE DE FRANCE ont pour objectif commun la promotion de leurs régions respectives ...

The Fair

Director: Hugo Van der Vennet.
From the « booster » to the Big Wheel, from the scooters to the archery : looking at people at the Midi Fair, in Brussels.

Les documentaires en compétition au Festival Cinéma du Réel

                            32ème édition de Cinéma du Réel : 18 - 30 mars 2010   Depuis sa création il y a 31 ans, Cinéma du Réel s’est imposé comme le festival de référence du cinéma documentaire en France. A l’écoute de la diversité des écritures, des formes et des idées, il rassem...

obama is among us

Director: Pierre Yves Clouin.
paris 09, de la pénombre au matin, du matin au soir from dela fin de l'hiver au milieu de l'été

magic kisa

Director: mathieu saliva.
MAGIC KISA is a dark short comedy on the topic of the gemellity : Two twin brothers after years of separation. One leaves prison and the other lined up and founded a family. Associated by long years of swindle and chicaneries, their destinies rock in one night... Stealing of identity, handling and threats of two strange grave-diggers... Genre film under the tradition of the 50’s, 60’s French whodunit, “MAGIC KISA” is a trap movie with squeaking humour...


Director: Susan Everett.
“Hello Mum. My name’s Alison. Born on the sixth of June, twenty eight years ago. But you know that already, don’t you?” Grieving the death of her adoptive mother, Alison tries to track down her natural mother to find a replacement ‘mum’. She sends out a videotape as an introduction.

LIDF - The London International Documentary Festival

Murgia Karst Phenomenon

Since 2007 the LIDF has worked to ensure that London is host to exciting, diverse, challenging and inspiring films from every corner of the world. The LIDF is committed to providing a platform for international documentaries and their directors. It does this by working with globally recognised partners and venues, such as the British Museum, the Barbican Centre, and the Royal Society of the Arts on a year-round programme of screenings and other events that includes the 10-day London International Documentary Festival.

The LIDF’s ongoing commitment to what it calls ‘Conversations in Film’ creates a unique kind of film festival. The films within LIDF are the starting point for a series of programmed ‘conversations’ – panel discussions and workshops – that bring diverse audiences together to go beyond the films themselves in order to engage with social, cultural and political issues in the company of policy makers, academics, journalists and other cultural commentators

Having celebrated its third year the LIDF is now looking forward to working with new partners and presenting another feast of film and debate in April / May 2010.


Director: Krisztina GODA.


Gábor is an office cleaner. Wearing overalls and a baseball hat, he seems insignificant. Working on the night shift, Gábor rarely has any contact with his employers, yet he learns everything about them by thoroughly analyzing their garbage. Since he is almost invisible, nobody suspects that Gábor is, in fact, a con man who carefully chooses his victims by the trash they leave behind. His targets are mostly disillusioned, lonely women. In a few months he destroys all their romantic illusions by taking all their savings. Having an unusually high IQ and an ability to assume various personalities, Gábor is an expert in manipulation. When he gets a job at a psychologist's office, Gábor meets Hanna, an injured dancer who happens to be the daughter of a millionaire. Insecure and vulnerable, Hanna seems to be the perfect victim. Gábor pretends to be a doctor who can cure her body and her soul, an irresistible offer for a desperate woman. Everything goes according to plan until Gábor falls in love with Hanna and has to make a hard decision between her and the money.

Papal Brokendance

Director: Marie Losier.
Music video Papal Breakdance by PTV3-Genesis P-Orridge With Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and many friends. A campy music video in the style of a scopitone from the early 1960s, with the wonderful cast of 10 boys in sexy red singlets and girls in red tutus, all dancing with joy with Genesis P-Orridge in a boxing ring…all the ingredients for a slap stick boxing match in music.

Tony Conrad, DreaMinimalist

Director: Marie Losier.
The latest in Marie Losier’s ongoing series of film portraits of avant-garde directors (George and Mike Kuchar, Guy Maddin, Richard Foreman), DreaMinimalist offers an insightful and hilarious encounter with Conrad as he sings, dances and remembers his youth and his association with Jack Smith.

This Time We Can't Say We Didn't Know

Director: Slaven Zimbrek.
This Time We Can’t Say We Didn’t Know combines the archived footage and still images of the Holocaust, Rwanda and Darfur genocide with testimonies of the Holocaust survivors to establish a parallel between the ongoing crisis in Darfur and the Holocaust. However, as the film’s title points out, ignorance cannot be used as an excuse for not helping out because “this time we can’t say we didn’t know”.


Director: Cristina Ertze.
Four people awake in a derelict house with no memory of who they are or why they are there. All they know is that tonight, when they fall asleep they will forget everything again, so they have only a few hours to find out something – anything – about what or who is doing this to them. As they journey through a desolate, abandoned landscape they come to realise that this may all have happened before. And that they may be their own enemies. Blank is a existential, psychological thriller which explores the cycle of violence and retribution which comes from the failure to remember the lessons of the past. The film is inspired by Milan Kundera’s quote “the struggle of freedom against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting”. A post-apocalyptic thriller about suspicion, mistrust and fear which leads to a shocking conclusion, the film is a political parable of the dangers of forgetting lessons and repeating mistakes.

True Beauty This Night

Director: Peter Besson.
Last night, Rhett Somers met the love of his life. Now all he has to do is convince her that she's the one. Not an easy feat considering how they met.


Director: Paul Verhoeven (France).
Beside not very commendable teenagers, there exist some others, but who are never showed… Now, these young people, like Lucas, Alexis, etc, can have a beneficial influence on the youths adrift, and even make them better. But sometimes it is necessary to agree to pay the full price, like the corn grain which must die to bear fruit… It is what this film shows, film at the same time dramatic and full with hope, inspired from real facts.

Jelena's World

Director: Tanja Brzakovic.
Feature documentary movie. Exclusive journey through and into the world of professional tennis, with number 1 woman- player of the world Jelena Jankoviæ.

Being Frank

Director: Jacob Kjaer Pedersen.
Iraq has got weapons of mass destruction. That is not something we think. We know it!’ Danish Prime Minister - Anders Fogh Rasmussen, 21. March 2003 Danish whistleblower, former Military Intelligence Officer Frank Grevil, faces imprisonment, public shame and the destruction of his family after exposing his government’s doubts on the Iraqi weapons programme. A devastating critique on the death of truth in the new Europe.

Zombie Office

Director: Johan A Kruger.

A black comedy that explores an accountant's reaction to his new Dominatrix Boss and the methods she employs to keep all her desk bound office zombies in line. His morals and sanity are pushed beyond breaking point.


Jacob - Jonathan Baker
Demon Dom - Sara Dee
Cheryl - Nikki Michelle Chowen
Jerry / Zombie 1 - geoffrey troth
Receptionist / Scissor Zombie - Ice Wilderose
Dom's Pet - Angela Dee
Stephen - Craig Hamblyn
Salesman 1 / Zombie 2 - Yazid Eid
Salesman 2 / Zombie 3 - Mac Laubscher
TEMP - Tabatha St. Vincent
Diva Zombie - Juliana Reed
Stapler Zombie / Zombie6 - Christopher Davies
Mail Lady - Teresa Garratty
Juggling Zombie /Zombie5 - Oihana Garde
Zombie 7 - Michaelle St. Vincent
Zombie 8 - Derek Elmore
Zombie 9 - Elizabeth Bloom
Zombie 10 - Michael Wooller
Zombie 11 - Victoria Jane Oliver
Zombie 12 - Cullum Austin
Zombie 13 - Sarah Jane O'Neill
Zombie 14 - Gil Martin
Zombie 15 - Lulu Elliot
Zombie 16 - Karen Kangro Crew
Writer / Director - Johan Kruger
Director of photography - Joel Chu
Assistant Director - Angela Dee
2ND A.D - Karen Kangro

Producer - Johan Kruger
Associate Producer - Joel Chu
Assistant Producer - Angela Dee

Production Assistant - Steve Outram
Sound - Andres Montaña Duret
Secondary unit sound - Kota Iso
Boom - Chris Presswell
Key Grip - Gil Martin
Runner - Sarah Kok, Sarah Pemberton

Artistic Director - Lulu Elliot
Lead Make-up - Robb Crafer & Alexandra Chalk
Make-up - Emma Bifield

Location Scout (Zombie Lair) - Lullu Elliot

Original Score & Sound Design - Martin Pavey
Editor - Johan A Kruger
Stills Photography - Kaido Kurrue

Casting; Johan A Kruger, Cobi Siminovitch, Angela Dee

Location - London Kings Cross & High Barnet

Film & Lighting equipment - ETC Films

The 10 Second Film Festival

You have the worlds attention for 10 seconds! What will you say? The best 10 sec films from around the world

Betting On Shorts: More Than A Eurovision Of Shortfilm

We invite international filmmakers to submit shorts of up to 10min on the theme “Control”. Shortlisted films are screened simultaneously in 10 countries in Europe and beyond. European & regional jury awards
Deadline is 1 July 2009!