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A City of Rust

Director: Omar El Araby.

Galileo tries to convince the City of Rust inhabitants to stop Mr E and his reckless use of the mountain’s resources. Mountain which, he states, holds the energy that is the source of their life. When his recommendations are ignored and the “Rustonians” have to face the consequences of their indifference, they will turn to him for help…

A Crying Shame

Director: Jamie C.V. Strong.

From debuting Director Jamie C.V. Strong comes a classic tale of love,heartache and deception. Written for the screen by the director, A Crying Shame has everything that any movie lover will love and enjoy over and over. Robert [Craig Borst] and Brenda Coleman [Debra Poirier],"Talladega Nights"]were the perfect couple with the perfect marriage until Bingo Parker [Sean Spillane] knocked on their door and changed everthing.Witness the madness unfold as brenda transforms from the loving house wife into the psycho that was already deep within. And you are forewarned of the fierceness of Vanessa [Eugenia Best] Rachel [April Crum], the brilliance of Brenda's sister Becky [Mimi Christensen -ILL Times] and the hauntingly delightful mother of the two [Margaret Mayfield]

A Cup of Tea

Director: .

A Devil Of My Own Making

Director: Kambombo Kalambay.
a young woman comes home from a long day's work to suspicious activities in her apartment. she is determined to get to the bottom of it.

A Diamond Forms Under Pressure

Director: Ocusonic.
A Diamond Forms Under Pressure, is an anomaly existing somewhere between experimental film and music video, computer animation/ programming, science and art. An improvised electronic soundtrack drives proprietary software, which analyses the frequency content of the audio and generates a cogent synchronous image in real-time. Frequencies push and pull against each other stabilising or agitating the central image.

A dream for U.M

Director: Dorian Cazals-Roche.

François Lachaud, author, who lives in Provence since his birth, wanted to allegorize a political and poetical meeting between another « North-South » and to paint a dream… The one that could have made in his last « alive sleep » Ulrike Meinhof, co-founder of the Red Fraction Army (also known as “Baader Band“), just before being suicided on the 8th May 1976, anniversary of the capitulation of Nazi Germany > The rythm of the film (and of the dream) is cadenced by the «verses» of an Ulrike Meinhof’s letter, written between 16th June 1972 and 3rd January 1974 in a sensory deprivation cell of the dead Wing of the Stammheim’ jail (Stuttgart). > The Provence, shooted here deeply naked, becomes then the perfect reverse shot of all the oppressive and incarcerating political systems and a roaming land, open to all winds, flows, mixings ; a place blessed by poets and soul anarchists, seen in the film, as the ultimate resort of the imagination before the void.

A Fish Called Martha or: Who's Really Afraid of H. P. Lovecraft Anyway?

Director: Debora Roventini.
It's out of the frying pan and into George and Martha's rumpus room for a night of supernatural mambo jumbo when young H.P. and his slim-hipped wife, fleeing a monster of cosmic proportions, seek refuge on the campus of the infamous Miskatonic University in this outrageous parody of things Lovecraft and Hollywood.

A Fitting Tribute

Director: Daniel Cormack.
Black comedy. Hardened-pro news reporter Tammy initiates the novice reporter Niall into the art of the 'death-knock' - knocking on the doors of the recently bereaved to get a news story.
Niall's lack of success has put his job under threat and Tammy has been detailed to improve his hit rate. When Niall death-knocks Mrs Wright he finds not the grieving, hostile mother he expected but a warm welcome, good food and a comfortable bed, but what's really going on and what are Mrs Wright's true motives?

A Girl

Director: Jason Chang.
'A Girl' who stood up for human rights to an education. Inspired by True Events of Malala Yousafzai, Nobel Peace Prize, 2014. 
On the morning of Tuesday, 9 October 2012, Malala boarded her school bus in the northwest Pakistani district of Swat. A gunman asked for Malala by name, then pointed a Colt 45 at her &...
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A Girl From Beacon Ridge

Director: Kirk Demorest.

Phoebe and Blaze, two middle school best friends, suddenly find their lives upside down when Phoebe's homophobic parents decide the girls shouldn't play together any longer.