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A thousand generations live in you now. See Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in theaters December 20.

James Bond 007 No time to die 2020 Daniel Craig, Rami Malek

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Director: Alejandro Ramirez & Xavier Cortez.
Tito is a mentally ill youngster who enjoys life and contributes to society but has a dark past and even a darker future. Confusion, anger and sorrow take over after he meets a stranger on the street. Shocking & unexpected consequences will follow to the end.

To Forget and Forgive

Director: Jake E Lambert.
A woman wakes up in hospital to find she has amnesia, how will she cope getting back to her life especially when she refuses to tell anyone and why is everyone acting so strange towards her?


Director: ALEX QUIROGA .

“A nuestros Héroes” “To our heroes”


Life is like a theatre where everyone plays a roll.

This film tells of six stories, each one is introduced by Jean Ives Morel, a  French actor, according to Alfred Hitchcok  style.

“A nuestros heroes” combines the genres as in real life: comedy, drama and romance. It is talking about immigrants and Spanish people who coexist in the same place.


At the beginning of the film, the host starts talking in the dressing room and says:

 “To be or not to be, that is the question”

“The theatre of Cruelty was created to re-establish the idea of passionate and convulsive” 

Antoiun Arnaud.

 “The theatre is so endlessly fascinating because it´s so accidental. It is so much like life”  Arthur Miller.

  “An actor is a man who offers a lie so real that everybody is taken in by it” Vittorio Gassman


Director: Václav Marhoul.
There is only a very thin line between heroism and cowardice. Courage is the will power, which no man has enough to spare. If used, it is soon exhausted. Courage is the capital, which we spend gradually. Thus, the last order may be the order to pay out the account drawing to zero. The deepest fear rises when a man is floundered by a current, all alone, having nothing to hold on and not being able to cope. This is the main topic and the artistic motto of this wartime psychological drama. North Africa, II. WW, Fall 1941. Jiri Pospichal, twenty years old, signs up as a volunteer in the Czechoslovak army. His naive ideas about heroism are rawly confronted with the hell of the African desert, complicated relationships in his unit and the ubiquitous threat of death. All this takes its cruel toll in the shape of his gradual loss of self respect and courage. He is full of self-confidence and patriotic ideals, yet at the same time is deeply frustrated by his father, whom he views as a collaborator. His closest companion is a Jewish soldier, Jan Lieberman, in many ways more mature. Their opposite, in turn, is Corporal Kohák, a former member of the French Foreign Legion, for whom warfare is above all a profession The psychological drama between these three characters, the differing attitudes and personalities of each of them, are, during the course of the story and most clearly in its dramatic climax, brought into confrontation with a clear and harsh test of the moral character of all. The plot of the film is freely based on the classic American novel “The Red Badge of Courage” by Stephen Crane, first published in New York in 1897.

Toll Booth

Director: Tolga Karacelik.

Tomato story

Director: Tatiana Poliektova, Olga Poliektova.
Film about two old women who quarreled because of their tomatoes which they grew up on common balcony.

Tombak Training

Director: Bardia Pourbahrami.


Director: Bartosz Kruhlik.
One day from life of an old woman with a specific approach to life, who makes a reckoning with outward things. You never know what tomorrow will bring...


Director: Marija Stonyte.

Two strangers accidentally meet on a train and immediately find it hard to communicate. Too Young to Drive is a story about the hardship of finding ways to each other.

Director: Every year over ten thousand divorces are registered in Lithuania. At times when various means of communication are available to us, we are struggling to find ways and time to talk to a person close to us. Two people. One train. Different directions. 

Total Siyapaa

Director: Eshwar Niwas.