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tutu et chapeau pointu

Director: Pierre Yves Clouin.


Director: Elise Swerhone.
TuTuMUCH follows 9 young dancers behind-the-scenes where they plié and pirouette for coveted spots in an intensive 4 week professional ballet summer program. Leaving behind their families and friends, often for the first time, each girl confronts in her own way the painstaking and sometimes rewarding realities of actually living her dream. TuTuMUCH is a glimpse of how it feels to embark on a career of dance at the age of twelve.

Twelve night sixty

Director: David Missonnier.
A stranger lands in a small city by the sea. The local community seems to take him for a assassin. Nothing is getting any better when he starts to follow Barbara, young enigmatic woman lost in the docks. Begins a manhunt. Twelve night sixty is an independant and experimental feature film. The film is inspired by a french theater play called Nuit. We had to start with a location : 1260 Atlantic avenue Brooklyn, NY. This location is a warehouse filled with plane parts and old mechanical devices. Our goal was to give a new life to those objects by transforming them in pieces of the decor. The warehouse becomes the decor, the city, the environment. The night is omnipresent, she is the frame of this video. There is no wall, no line. The night is the limit. The bodies of the actors are the main element oh this experiment. Those bodies are observed. The camcorder is spying on them until it intervenes. It becomes an eye, an arm. It takes the power. The words of this film are made to stuck to the actors skin. The crew of this movie is proud to be a multicultural association. There is more than twenty different nationalities by confounding actors and technical crew.


Director: Nestore Buonafede.
A night journey, Edgar, the poet, in company with Psyche, his soul, through spectral and shadowy landscapes. The two characters, after stopping at a forest, peopled with archetypal figures and horrific, and then, with a mysterious lake, come near a stately avenue, flanked by monumental cypress trees, which pass through. When, at dawn, come the end of the avenue, a distant star flooded them with a light arcane and mysterious, attracting to itself Edgar, as the sirens did with Ulysses. That magical star, intoxicating and wonderful, retain, however, in itself, a terrible trap, from which, Psyche try in vain to save him, trying desperately to dissuade him to continue the journey, and begged him to come back until I still time. Edgar, though, as if hypnotized, and that irresistible attraction, pushes inexorably forward, dragging with it the recalcitrant Psyche. But in a short time, that light, warm and welcoming, changes color, becoming cold and distant. That light, almost greenish, awakens in him doubts and uncertainties, making him shiver. Shortly thereafter, a tomb bar their way, and knowledge, so long lovingly hidden, emerges in the light of consciousness, making it more conscious, but at the same time more fragile. That monumental tomb, located on the edge of his mind, it holds a terrible secret, knowledge of which destroy him. The past, buried in the deepest recesses of his soul, returned slowly to the surface; Psyche, distraught, tells him who is buried in there: Ulalume, his beloved, lost Ulalume. Ulalume is not, however, she believed that he, his adored young bride, but she who gave him life, and has fed and bred among the miasma of illness and death, until, at only 2 years, has seen her die in agony. Ulalume is his mother Elizabeth, who died of tuberculosis after repeated hemoptysis, as well as Virginia died of tuberculosis his beloved wife. The memory, then, stands out vividly in front of him, and death, that silently and secretly, had accompanied him throughout his life, he shows, finally, in all its horror, and spreads her black cloak inside him. Psyche, the vital soul, which so long supported him, is no longer necessary, and, weeping, leaves him, alone and desolate, in the arms of the woman, who soon he will claim the body also.


Director: Karol Jurga.
Short story of extraordinary fencing duel.

Una y Otra y Otra Vez

Director: Wade Allain-Marcus and Jesse Allain-Marcus.

After John's girlfriend breaks up with him due to his inability to be a man, he becomes obsessed with the idea that the only way to be one, is by becoming Pablo Escobar.

Under A Vest

Director: Kal Bonner.
As darkness falls across the city a blonde with a gun investigates a noise - but all is not what it seems when deception is nine tenths of the law...

Underground Superstarz

Director: Balázs Iván.


Director: Diede in't Veld.
More than anything else in the world, thirty-eight year old Maud wants a child of her own. It is such an overwhelmingly strong feeling that it takes over every aspect of her existence. To get her life back into perspective and to help her confront her grief, she forces herself to watch happy families picking up their kids from school. On her way home she feels a little better and starts flirting with a man on a bicycle who is waiting at the other side of an open canal bridge.

Undress me

Director: Javier Sanz.
Samuel descubre que su pareja le es infiel y todo el universo en el que vivía comienza a desmoronarse. Eva no conoce de nada a Samuel, pero va a buscarle porque tienen algo en común, sus parejas son amantes. Perdidos, impotentes y frustrados Samuel y Eva realizarán un viaje a la deriva donde acabarán recuperandose a sí mismos.