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Vanessa McMahon

Vanessa is a novel writer, screenwriter, rep and a film producer. She shares her discoveries and film surprises. :-)



Interview with Actor/Producer Nik Goldman at 72nd Cannes Film Festival

Interview with Actor/Producer Nik Goldman at 72nd Cannes Film Festival


UK native actor/producer Nik Goldman was educated at Salford University and at the Northern Film School. he has been the recipient of numerous awards for his scholastic work. In 2004, Nik produced and acted in the well known short film ‘Briefing’, which was picked up by North America's Big Film Shorts distributor. The film has since been shown on us Comcast cable tv, HBO  Latin America and Canadian television. Nik acted in another short 'The Parting' (2005), which played at various international film festivals. He then went onto play an FBI forensic, in ‘Th3re’ (2006), which was produced by USA company 20th Century Fox in Poland and theatrically distributed by 20th Century Fox and on home video in 2006 / 2007. Nik then co-produced and acted in the gangster thriller 'Jack Said' (2009), released in the UK by Optimum Releasing. This went onto become one of the biggest grossing dvds in the UK. Nik's other producing and acting titles include political thriller/drama ‘Blackline: The Beirut Contract’ (2010), 'Oxy-Morons' (2010), Uwe Bolle’s films ‘Bloodrayne 3’ (2011), ‘Auschwitz’ (2011), ‘The Wicked Within’ (2015) starring Eric Roberts and Sienna Guillory and 'Anarchy Parlor' (2015) starring Robert Lasardo. Nik is actively working on a slate of feature films in development, including two films entitled 'the au pair' and 'Breckenridge', scheduled for 2020. he will produce and act in both.


Did you always know you wanted to be an actor?

Yes I always wanted to be an actor. It was either being a professional footballer player or acting. I really wasn't good enough to be a footballer, so I figured I will do the other thing I enjoy and Im most passionate about which is acting. I always wanted to act and make films, and thats what I am doing!


Is it difficult to be an actor in UK and do most UK actors want to eventually go international?

It is very difficult being an actor anywhere. The UK is no different, there are many actors in the UK and only so much acting jobs. However, since there is alot more TV now happening, with the ever growing streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, You tube etc. This has created more acting jobs. So its made it slightly easier. I would say all UK actors want to go international, especially acting in us productions and Hollywood films. 


Is filmmaking in UK similar to the Hollywood studio system or is it undergoing changes in the digital world as well?

I think its very different to the traditional Hollywood system in that filmmaking here in the UK is more specialised and people look at film more as a hobby or art form then as a real profession or industry. it seems to be a specialised market here. However in the USA, Hollywood is an industry in which employs lots of actors and filmmakers. Everyone in Los Angeles is connected to the film or entertainment industry and its seen more as part of USA culture and life. The UK is far behind Hollywood in this sense. However the Hollywood studio system has had to make changes and sacrifices in the ever changing film industry and distribution. Everything is now streaming and digital which has affected the entire industry worldwide not just in Hollywood. The UK system is no different in this aspect, and it has had to adapt this digital medium of film. Especially the streaming platforms. 


Is there a film you have worked on that you are most proud of yet?

As an actor I think the most proudest I did was actually a small documentary film, which I acted in a few years back. it was an Uwe Boll movie. We were shooting Bloodrayne 3 which I  was an actor in. At the same time Uwe decided to shoot at the same time a holocaust film about Auschwitz, a very real life documentary feature about a boy going into the camp. Uwe asked me if I would play a prisoner in the film. Due to my families history regarding the holocaust, I was very willing to do this, even though it was probably the most hardest role I have played. As the atrocities of Auschwitz were completely around us on the set every day.It wasnt the biggest or most seen film I have done, however it was one which I was very proud to take part in and it still gives me goose bumps to this day when I think about the subject matter and the memories of filming it.


You are also producing now. why are many actors producing as well?

I think its because simply going out to audition and act is so tough that producing gives you greater control of your own destiny. Alot of actors fail to secure acting jobs so they turn to writing and producing in order to give them access for a role as an actor in their own project. This just opens up more doors for an actor if they're also actively involved in producing their own  film or tv project. I actually didnt get into producing to put myself into my own films. I produce because I love to creatively work in a team and bring a project to life from scratch. If there is not a role in the film which doesnt fit my profile and is not right for me, I will not do it. I do think that if you can write and produce, it will open up more doors as an actor, instead of having to rely on others and waiting for the phone or email to come through, with an audition.


What are you working on now as a producer? 

I am working on two feature film projects.The first is a political thriller/drama called 'Breckenridge'  by writer / directer  Lee Basannavar.  Lee is someone I have worked with for many years and a close friend, whom is very talented. We already have some named cast attached. The other film is a thriller called 'The Aupair' written by the talented writer/director Eric Chambers. Another close friend and colleague. Im acting in both of these films. I am also working on a tv pilot called Pilots' about the corporate world of private aviation, a kind of ‘Entourage’ in the sky! this is written also by Lee Basannavar.


Why is it so important for actors and producers to attend a market like Cannes?

It is very important to attend markets, as I believe actors attending these will certainly benefit, because its a real opportunity to network, attend screenings, events, parties etc and more importantly get to people such as producers, directors and casting directors whom you wouldn't usually be able to get to, outside these markets. I have attended Cannes over 15 times and same too with Berlin. Both of these markets I would strongly advise for actors to attend. American Film Market in Los Angeles and Toronto film festival are also good. Sundance and Slamdance too, especially if you have a film in the festivals. 


Was this a successful Cannes for you?

Cannes in my mind is always successful, as youre meeting new people and also re-aquainting with old friends and people with whom you have met with before. So this is definitely a positive move.Although you never really know the true success of it until you come home and follow up on all the new leads you have met there.I just think that for me, Cannes is a success, because without attending you maybe missing out on an opportunity which could change your life. If you dont go then you wont know what could happen. Therefore just being part of the festival and the experiences of it, to me, is a success in itself. Will Cannes get me more acting roles, and a movie made? Well only time will tell!


What will you be working on next?

As an actor I have a few of films which I am going to be acting in. One called 'A Southern Melody'. A film called 'Hunted' and a big budget film called ‘King Lear’ starring Al Pacino. I also have some other films which Im waiting to hear back on. As well as a couple of my own films (Breckenridge and 'The Au Pair') in which i will be acting in. So watch this space!


Interview with Actor/Producer Nik Goldman at 72nd Cannes Film Festival


Interview by Vanessa McMahon


Interview by Vanessa McMahon



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