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Impact DOCS Awards


IMPACT DOCS is the newest member of the Global Film Awards Family – a family of film competitions that have been serving filmmakers for more than 18 years.

We believe in the power of film to IMPACT the world – and documentary filmmakers are often on the leading edge of global changes by shifting  perceptions, behavior and habits of viewers.

Our goal at IMPACT DOCS is to promote filmmakers of all backgrounds and experience levels – who seek to ignite social change and to support their careers through meaningful filmmaking.  Whether the documentary explores new ideas or entertains viewers with real stories a good documentary takes a special talent.

If you have found this competition because you are one of these documentarians – we not only welcome you – but wish to offer you a sincere nod of gratitude for what we know has been hard work in bringing an important message or great entertaining subject to the world at large.  Thank you for all you do


Go to for rules and entry form.


The Impact DOCS Awards Announces February 2024 Winners!


La Jolla, CA, February 2024 - The Impact DOCS Awards goal is to discover and honor the achievements of filmmakers who produce high quality documentaries. Impact DOCS puts filmmakers first and provides a direct opportunity for recognition and publicity for high quality productions. It is international in scope and has granted awards to producers in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Ecuador, France, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Korea, Lithuania, Malaysia, Malta, Monaco, Nepal, Nigeria, Norway, Palestine, Poland, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United Republic of Tanzania, and the United States.


~ Best of Show ~ 

Frances Causey – Final Fight: When the Trauma of War Comes Home

Frances Causey (USA)Final Fight: When the Trauma of War Comes Home, Doc Feature – Emmy winner Causey’s deft direction brings to light the epidemic levels of PTSD-related suicide rates in veterans from both combat and military sexual assault (4.5x higher than the total number of service members lost in battle during the entire Global War on Terror), through this exceptionally crafted doc – presenting a stunningly comprehensive view of the issues and offering compelling solutions. Final Fight profiles a diverse set of veterans and their responses to living with combat and military sexual trauma as well as an eye-opening connection between traumatic brain injury and PTS related suicide. Leading experts in brain science offer clear explanations of both the physiology and the psychology. A perfectly balanced expose that combines compassion, understanding, and a compelling call to action while celebrating the resilience and humanity of its subjects. Tightly crafted, emotionally moving and exceptional in every way.


 ~ Outstanding Achievement ~

Susan Kucera – Wild Genius

Susan Kucera (USA)Wild Genius, Doc Feature – Award-winning filmmaker Kucera delivers a mesmerizing, tightly woven documentary with a transformative message. “Wild Genius” vividly captures the extraordinary life and mental health struggles of renowned evolutionary biologist Robert Trivers, hailed by TIME magazine as one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century. Trivers, described as an “under-appreciated genius,” revolutionized our comprehension of human behavior through the lens of evolutionary biology. His advocacy for civil rights and straightforward reasoning presents a compelling argument: understanding our evolutionary origins empowers rather than constrains us. This exceptional documentary challenges societal norms and prompts us to reconsider our place in the natural world. “Wild Genius” is not merely the tale of a pioneering scientist; it’s an invitation to re-imagine life itself, fostering the potential for a brighter future. Wild Genius is more than a spirited and provocative biography, it’s a journey into the deepest corners of human nature. Rangeland Productions.


~ Outstanding Achievement ~

Nick August-Perna – Tell Them You Love Me

Nick August-Perna (USA)Tell Them You Love Me, Doc Feature – Delve into the remarkable story of Anna Stubblefield, a distinguished university professor entangled in a controversial relationship with Derrick Johnson, a non-verbal man with cerebral palsy. Stubblefield asserts she liberated Johnson’s mind from his physical constraints through keyboard-based communication. Their ensuing connection precipitated a legal trial challenging societal perceptions of disability and consent. August-Perna’s commitment to crafting a film that compels audiences to grapple with the narrative until the final frame is realized with exceptional finesse. Successfully evoking empathy from divergent perspectives demands extraordinary skill. Through exclusive footage and interviews with everyone involved, it intricately explores themes of communication, disability, race, and sexuality. Provocative and enduring, this documentary prompts profound reflection and dialogue long after its conclusion, fostering meaningful discourse for all who experience it. Was it love or control? Executive produced by BAFTA-winner and Emmy-Nominee Louis Theroux. Mindhouse production.



~ Outstanding Achievement ~

Catherine Gale – The Battle to Beat Malaria

Catherine Gale (United Kingdom)The Battle to Beat Malaria, Doc Feature – Gale’s masterful direction brings forth a gripping documentary on the relentless battle against malaria—a global struggle marked by science’s triumphs and human resilience. Amidst millions falling victim to this persistent scourge annually, the film transcends the narrative of vaccine development, delving into the emotional and personal journeys of the scientists driving progress. From cutting-edge labs in England to fieldwork in Africa, where researchers expose themselves to mosquito bites for data collection, the documentary immerses viewers in the high-stakes world of vaccine development. Gale captures the raw intensity of clinical trials and the profound impact on both the field of medicine and the lives of the scientists themselves. With a blend of information, emotion, and suspense, this epic narrative traces a path from despair to hope, offering a deeply immersive and compelling exploration of humanity’s fight against one of its oldest foes. Narrated by Ako Mitchell (Aliens vs. Predator) Aired PBS Nova.


~ Outstanding Achievement ~

Oliver Goetzl – Yellowstone

Oliver Goetzl (Germany)Yellowstone, Doc Feature – Experience the unparalleled wonder of Yellowstone National Park, America’s inaugural national treasure. Renowned filmmaker Goetzl expertly captures the untamed essence of this remarkable landscape, seamlessly blending informative and highly entertaining storytelling with captivating visuals. Set against a vibrant soundtrack, “Yellowstone” unveils the sprawling valleys, majestic bison herds, iconic wolf packs, and formidable grizzly bears that call this place home. As part of the groundbreaking wildlife series “AMERICA’S NATIONAL PARKS,” Goetzl’s vision, alongside the talent of filmmaker Ivo Nörenberg, unfolds over three years of dedicated filming. Through exceptional cinematography, this documentary presents Yellowstone’s extraordinary wildlife and breathtaking landscapes in a manner rarely seen.


~ Award of Excellence Special Mention ~

Documentary Feature

Rick Lazes and Tom Denucci (USA)Knock Out Blonde, Doc Feature – Compassionate direction reveals Kellie’s remarkable journey from famous Frank Maloney, machismo boxing promoter behind Lewis’s heavyweight championship, as she grapples with confronting her true self. Triumphs, unflinching struggles, and a suicide attempt – her transition to womanhood brought acceptance and peace. Deeply moving, compelling.


Ravit Markus and Dan Katzir (USA), American Pot Story: Oaksterdam, Doc Feature – 10 years in the making, a doc about the dedication and deep, personal sacrifices of passionate activists seeking to legalize marijuana. The dedication of Richard Lee and Dale Sky Jones is humbling and the engagingly crafted doc transcends their story to show how democracy can work to build a better future. Absorbing editing and storytelling.


Nic Davis (USA)21 Miles in Malibu, Doc Feature – Emmy-winner Davis explores the heart-wrenching tale of Malibu: a paradise devastated by a high-speed highway. Inspired by producer Michael Shane’s (I Robot) personal tragedy losing his daughter on this road, it weaves emotional personal stories of loss, local history, and activism into a cautionary narrative of government neglect and citizen resilience.


Bryony Jane Gilbey (USA)Honorable but Broken: EMS in Crisis, Doc Feature – Narrated by Emmy Winner Sarah Jessica Parker – Unveils the stark realities of EMS work and systemic failures leading to critical workforce shortages, especially in rural areas. Through poignant interviews, it exposes the collapse of the EMS system, the lack of state mandated EMS provisions and advocates for urgent reforms.


Ana Salceda (USA)Treasure of the Caribbean, Doc Feature – Emmy-nominee Salceda’s hopeful look at conservation’s potential following the 2013 stunning discovery of a massive, uncharted Caribbean coral reef, untouched by bleaching that has decimated other reefs. To protect this rare super reef, dedicated and creative scientists partner with local fishers to chronicle its riches and fight for its conservation. Aired PBS Nature


Andrew Nisker (Canada)Nuked, Doc Feature – Unveils the harrowing legacy of 23 Cold War nuclear blasts in the Bikini Atoll. Nisker intricately explores the ongoing plight of displaced Bikinians now also facing climate change threats. Compelling archival footage and survivor testimonies, the doc vividly contrasts official narratives with the stark reality. A poignant and gut-wrenching portrayal of human resilience.


Randall Wood (Australia)Flyways: The Untold Journey of Migratory Shorebirds, Doc Feature – Follows colorful scientists in a race to map migratory shorebirds’ epic journeys navigating ancient routes around the world. Using nanotech and ISS tracking they uncover the paths of these feathered athletes. An exhilarating look at the collaboration of scientists and activists striving to save these endangered species. PBS Nature


Shayon Maitra (USA)Ending HIV in America, Doc Feature – Explores HIV progress over 40 years, community activism and the potential end of HIV in America. Follows treatment’s twists, personal tragedy and triumphs, while tackling real-world challenges of getting help for the people who need it the most. Writer/Producer Emmy-nominee Caleb Hellerman. Narrated by Jamie Effros (Give or Take) Aired PBS Nova


Joseph P. D. McMaster (USA)From Controversy To Cure: Inside the Cambridge Biotech Boom, Doc Feature – Emmy-nominee and Peabody winner McMaster unveils a gripping narrative of Cambridge’s biotech boom since 1976. Witness a clash of scientists and citizens, ultimately shaping the city into the biotech capital of the world as innovation and urban renewal birthed groundbreaking therapies for millions globally.


~ Award of Excellence Special Mention ~

Documentary Short

James Higginson (Germany)SHUDDHI, Doc Short – Emmy-winner Higginson creates an evocative fusion of documentary and auteur cinema delves into the lives of the residents in the last home for leprosy in India. Through stunning cinematography, poetic narrative and lush soundtrack, it captures the beauty of familial bonds and the resilience of those affected, exploring themes of humanity, fear, love and cultural stigma.


HHMI Tangled Bank StudiosPart2 PicturesWild Elements (USA)Wild Hope: Does Nature Have Rights?, Doc Short – Part of the Wild Hope series, explores activism in biodiverse Ecuador, where wild spaces face unprecedented threats. Since 2008, the nation’s groundbreaking constitution grants legal rights to nature. Witness conservationists invoke these rights to save biodiversity hotspots. A potent tale of grassroots advocacy


Dante Bellini (USA)Demons & Dragans. Mark Patinkin’s Cancer Journey, Doc Short – Pulitzer Prize finalist, journalist Mark Patinkin was diagnosed with kidney cancer. Suddenly, the story was about him and his life became a series of cliffs. Emmy-winner Bellini’s thoughtful doc creates a raw and touching story of the emotional impact of the diagnosis. Focusing on inner strength, family bonds and the role of hope.


Alessia Barbiero (Netherlands)Diary of Travelling Rivers, Doc Short – Join Maria’s journey in Colombia, where environmental activists face deadly risks, 60 citizens killed in 2022. Through Travelling Rivers, she maps communities along rivers, bridging divides and sharing stories. This doc highlights unity in the global water crisis, advocating for collective action beyond borders for every human.


Mary McDonagh Murphy (USA)What Design Can Do, Doc Short – Emmy-winner Murphy’s visually captivating and eye-opening doc proves the importance of thoughtful design. Featuring innovative projects worldwide, it illustrates how psychologically sensitive, science-informed design materially promotes physical and mental health, buttresses learning outcomes and fortifies the social connections that build communities.


Daniel Sheire (USA)Lights Out Texas, Doc Short – Emmy-nominee Sheire delivers a captivating doc about a crucial program in Texas to protect 2 billion birds each year on their nocturnal migration. Through expert interviews and compelling narratives, witness innovative solutions for a brighter, sustainable future. A powerful reminder to preserve our dark skies and protect wildlife.  Fascinating and inspiring.


Matthew Williams-Ellis (United Kingdom)Karibu Nyumbani, Doc Short – A potent journey through the Maasai Mara, where breathtaking cinematography and a powerful yet poetic message of conservation converge through the words of Mara guide George Osono. Meet cheetahs, lions, elephants, and more, all captured with mesmerizing cinematography from Williams-Ellis and accompanied by a moving soundtrack.


HHMI Tangled Bank StudiosPart2 PicturesWild Elements (USA), Wild Hope: The Beautiful Undammed, Doc Short – Part of the Wild Hope series, a remarkable tale of ecological rebirth on Washington’s Elwha River a decade after the dam removal. Thriving salmon populations are revitalizing the ecosystem, stirring advocates worldwide. A tale of hope and restoration, urging dam removal globally. Informative and inspiring.


Simone Vrech and Sandra Lopez Cabrera (Italy)Lombard Woman, Doc Short – The life of a Lombard woman in the seventh century, from birth to death. Exceptional research guides this tightly-woven doc, excellent scripting, poignant interviews and beautifully crafted reenactments. Lush cinematography and score follow the often harsh life of Lombard women. Moving narration by Chiara Pasqualini.


Dragos Teglas (United Kingdom)Meet the Local Hero – Glenn Johnstone – A moving and compelling short doc showcasing Glenn’s inspiring journey from a bone tumor diagnosis to amputation. With a custom prosthetic leg, and unwavering support from his father, he reclaims his passion for biking, celebrating resilience, family, and the triumph of the human spirit. Tightly crafted and genuinely inspiring.

 ~ Award of Excellence ~ 

Anthony Sarracco (Canada)LAND OF THORNS, Documentary Feature

Arwa Damon and Binnur Karaevli (Turkey)Seize the Summit, Documentary Feature

Bill Sarine (USA)Possibilities, Documentary Feature

Brian Tadashi Maeda (USA)We said No! No!, Documentary Feature

Cameron D’ArcySchool for Life Foundation (Australia)SEEDS: Planting Hope Through Education, Documentary Short

Catie Foertsch (USA)What I Want You To Know, Documentary Feature, History / Biographical, Women Filmmakers

Chris Charles Farina (USA)A Bridge to Life, Documentary Feature, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising

Christopher Walters (USA)Comedy of War:  Laughter in Ukraine, Documentary Feature

Conrad Weaver (USA)PTSD911, Documentary Feature

David Alvarez Velicia and Juan Ignacio Cuadrado Bueno (Spain)ASTURIAS EMOTION – THE FOUR SEASONS, Documentary Short

Erin Vargo (USA)Union Coffee is Hot and Sexy, Documentary Short (Student)

Francisca Siza (Portugal)Daughters of Maguey, Documentary Feature, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising

Gerry  Potter (Canada)In Search of Professor Precarious, Documentary Feature, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising

Gonzalo Murúa Losada (Argentina)Pablo’s Voices, Documentary Feature

HHMI Tangled Bank StudiosPart2 Pictures, Wild Elements (USA)Wild Hope: Coral Comeback, Documentary Short

Iara Cardoso (Brazil)The Human Era, Documentary Feature, Nature / Environment / Wildlife

Joseph Adam LeBaron (USA)Whales of the High Desert, Documentary Short

Joseph P. D. McMaster (USA)From Controversy To Cure: Inside the Cambridge Biotech Boom, History / Biographical

Josh “Bones” Murphy (USA)The Scale of Hope, Documentary Feature

Lee Giat (USA)Wright of Passage – The Pilot, Documentary Short

Matthew Williams-Ellis (United Kingdom)Karibu Nyumbani, Nature / Environment / Wildlife, Cinematography

Nic Davis and Michel Shane (USA)21 Miles in Malibu, Use of Film / Video for Social Change

Oliver Goetzl (Germany)YELLOWSTONE, Nature / Environment / Wildlife, Direction, Cinematography, Editing

Özlem Ayse ÖzgürUniversity of Arizona (USA)The Red Bellied Lemur on the Verge, Documentary Short

Patrick Baucelin (Martinique)THE COLOR OF SLAVERY, Documentary Feature

Patrik Soergel (Switzerland)Mission Asclepios, Documentary Feature, Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational

Roy Medawar (USA)The Race of Our Lives, Original Song (I Will Fight composed by Denise Stefanie)

Shuja MooreDo Moore Films (USA)Pardon Me, Documentary Short, Use of Film / Video for Social Change

Simone Vrech and Sandra Lopez Cabrera (Italy)Lombard Woman, History / Biographical

Steven Cowan and Barry Hal Schienberg (USA)Single-Use Planet, Documentary Feature

Tamara Nemirovsky (USA)Second Chances, Documentary Feature

Thomas Essig (USA)Something Divine, Documentary Feature, Religion / Ethics

Tim Searfoss (USA)One Second at a Time: Battling the Monster of Addiction, Documentary Feature

Zeljko Mirkovic (France)Niki Pilic- The Legend, Documentary Feature


 ~ Award of Merit Special Mention ~

Alec Goldberg and Boson Wang (USA)Sitting in the Fire, Documentary Feature
Amandine Schejbal (France)EXPÉDITION SARAWAK 93, Documentary Short (Student)
Blake Wilson (USA)Oporajeo, Documentary Short
Brišind (USA)Almost Ancestors, Documentary Short, Native Peoples
Cob Carlson (USA)The Greatest Radio Station in the World, Documentary Feature
Derek Shimoda (USA)The Gardener, Documentary Feature
Iara Lee (USA)UNITE FOR BISSAU (Nô Kumpu Guiné): Agroecology and Feminism in Guinea Bissau, Documentary Short
Jason Harney (USA)Is There Something Going On At Home?, Documentary Feature
Jeffrey Himpele (USA)Shame On You!, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Josh “Bones” Murphy (USA)Our Waters, Documentary Short
Luis Solarat (United Kingdom)We Will Not Be Silenced, Documentary Feature
Mariia Springis (United Kingdom)Why Us?, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Marjella Lecourt-Alma (Netherlands)The New Heroes of Sustainable Business, Documentary Short
Michael Rios and James Fierro (USA)Roaming History: Civil Rights Trail, Documentary Short
Ohana One (USA)The 10,000 Mile Bridge, Documentary Short
Richard N. Anderson (USA)HomeBrood, Documentary Feature
Rob Finch (USA)Gardening in a War Zone, Documentary Short, Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational
Roy Medawar (USA)The Race of Our Lives, Documentary Feature
Sean Fleck (USA)Hong Kong – Final Days of Freedom, Documentary Feature
Steve Jarvis and Kate Fosselman (USA)928 The Threat Continues…, Documentary Feature
Tito Giliberto (Italy)The Antifascist Era, History / Biographical
Tom Opre (USA)The Last Keeper, Documentary Feature
Tracy Kiryango (United Kingdom)Our Place Is Here, Documentary Feature
Wo Baza (USA)The Other Side of Learning: A Deeper Conversation About Education in the US, Documentary Feature, Use of Film / Video for Social Change, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery


 ~ Award of Merit ~

Andrew Montiveo (USA)Mechanical Theology, Documentary Short
Andria Litto (USA)My Father Moves Mountains, Documentary Feature, Women Filmmakers
Austin Faust (USA)El Canto del Quetzal, Documentary Short, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Barbara Langsam Shuman (USA)Mr. Z:  What Happens Early in Life Lasts a Lifetime, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers, Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational
Benjamin I. Goldhagen (Ukraine)To The Zero Line, Documentary Feature
Benjamin Knight (Germany)We’re All Going To Die, Documentary Feature
Bidit Roy and Makarand Waikar (India)My Radio My Life, Documentary Feature
Catalina Villar (Colombia)ANA ROSA, Documentary Feature, Women Filmmakers
Clark Harris and Brett Jaffee Jr. (USA)McJAFF: Golf’s Unknown Major, Documentary Short
Claudia Takeko Katayanagi (USA)Community in Conflict: The Santa Fe Internment Camp Marker, Documentary Feature, Women Filmmakers
Dave Meagher (Australia)Reading Landscape with David Holmgren, Documentary Feature
Erik Fransman (Netherlands)The Spectacular Absence Of God, Documentary Feature
Gina Margillo (USA)Overtown’s Living Legacy, Documentary Short
Gwendolyn G. Cassady (USA)If It Could Happen to Me, It Could Happen to You, Documentary Feature

Hady Zaccak (Lebanon)Cilama, Documentary Feature
Heqian Tan (China)Dalinor Lake, Documentary Feature, Asian, Cinematography, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
JacksonAgile Arts (Australia)Acquired, Invisible, Documentary Short, Disability Issues
Jang Dong ju Dong ju Jang (Korea)HEYOKA, Documentary Feature
Jeanne Meyers (USA)Eva Haller: A Work in Progress, Documentary Feature
Jeffrey Himpele (USA)Shame On You!, Documentary Short
Judy Mary Jackson (Canada)Where Can We Live In Peace?, Documentary Feature
Kalyn Edworthy (Canada)The Root of it All, Documentary Short
Karen Sotolongo Menendez (USA)GLOVES WITHOUT RING, Documentary Short (Student)
Katherine McRae (New Zealand)Pacific Mother, Documentary Feature
KC Schulberg (USA)THE URGENCY OF NOW, Documentary Short
Manon Remandeau (France)À TOUJOURS, Documentary Short (Student)
Marcia Volk (USA)DREAM BOLDLY  The Grand AdvenChair, Documentary Feature
Mariia Springis (United Kingdom)Why Us?, Documentary Feature

Millena Gay (USA)Golden Hearted, Documentary Feature
Nate Harrison (USA)Pour le Peuple, Documentary Feature
Rodrigo Occelli (Mexico)I Was Murdered 3 Times, Documentary Feature
Roland Gaedtgens (Netherlands)Benjamin Feliksdal, The Life Story of a Dutch Dance Master, Documentary Feature
Rudi Gohl and Hakima Alem (USA)What Happened to Jackson Avenue: A Story of Urban Renewal, Documentary Feature
Sam TenganiLeigh Pohl and Alberic Vollmer (South Africa)Ukuwela: The Crossing, Documentary Feature
Sonia Fritz (Puerto Rico)Voces de pasión/Voices of Passion, Documentary Feature
Sue Schroeder and Adam Larsen (USA)home, Creativity / Originality
Tom Pelleg (Israel)Land of Freedom, Editing (Student)
Trevor Hill (USA)Above The Ring: The Chris Byrd Story, Documentary Feature
Xiaoxin Hong (China)She is Still Waiting For an Apology, Documentary Short
Yuri Omar Shariff WilliamsRodney Smith Jr. and Nathan Cribari (USA)Hope For The Holidays, Documentary Feature
Zack Russell (Canada)Someone Lives Here, Documentary Feature


~ Award of Recognition ~

Ashley Hinojosa and Leon McConnell (USA)A Place for Them, Documentary Short
Bazif Ahmad Bala and Sidra Alani (USA)Migration & Medicine: Trauma-Informed Care for Refugee Populations, Documentary Short (Student)
Brianna Moua (USA)NYAB10K, Documentary Short (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Claude Hamel (Canada)Blue Bear Woman, Documentary Feature, Native Peoples
David DOC Alexander Jones and David Alexander Jones, Jr. (USA)Fathering Me: The Long Walk Home, Documentary Feature, Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational
Dayna AltmanThea TouchtonSentin Music and Jason TaglieriSueñito Media (USA)Bake It Till You Make It, Documentary Feature, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Diana M. Devlin and Grace Zinnel (USA)American Nightmare/American Dream, Documentary Feature
Donna Marvin-Platt (USA)Missed Conceptions, Documentary Feature
Jian Liu (China)The Vanishing Kindergarten, Documentary Short (Student)
Karin Isabelle Ochsner (Australia)Surviving to Thriving, Documentary Feature, Disability Issues

Karmen A. Smith (USA)The American Labyrinth, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Original Score (Composed by Damiyr)
Kofi Afriyie (USA)Happily Ever After: Life After Retirement|Ghana, Documentary Feature
Luca De Giorgi and Sergio Vespertino (Italy)Queen: Checkmate for the King, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
Machiel van den Heuvel (Netherlands)Noble Savage, Documentary Short
Mark Scheinbaum (USA)The Road to Graduate School; The Bachelor’s and Beyond, Documentary Feature (Student)
Mary Tuti Baker (USA)CLEAN WATER, COMMON GROUND, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Miki HolidayKal-El Billy HolidayKareem Dula DixonTroy L. Mitchell and Yolanda Nollie (USA)Direct & Reflect, Documentary Feature
Nasos Karamalegkos (Greece)Spinnerakos a.k.a. Panayiotis Grigoriou, Documentary Short (Student)
Olga Joanna Mazurkiewicz (USA)BUFFALO: City of Refuge, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising

Poornima Ravi (India)GOD’S WIVES MEN’S SLAVES, Documentary Feature
Qi Chen (China)Love, and Dark Matter, Documentary Feature
Ron Smith (USA)Rhonda Thomas: Welcome to My Home, Documentary Feature
Ryan Jay Luskin (USA)The Sailing Movie, Documentary Feature, Original Score
Shihyun Wang and James Chen (Taiwan)Urban Soldiers in Taipei, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Simon Nathan Feldman (USA)Revival, Documentary Feature
Sinead McHugh Keirans (USA)Banned Book Club, Documentary Short
Smita Adhikary (USA)The Garden Angel, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Sue Schroeder and Adam Larsen (USA)home, Documentary Short
Tito Giliberto (Italy)The Antifascist Era, Documentary Feature
Tom Pelleg (Israel)Land of Freedom, Documentary Short (Student)
Tracy Willits (United Kingdom)PIP POP, Documentary Short, Use of Film / Video for Social Change






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